Absorption Materials and Coatings for Light Suppression and Noise Reduction

Acktar is a leading light and noise absorption materials producer, focusing on aerospace, electronics, automotive, and similar industries.
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Created: 11/13/2019
The blackest blackAcktar

Precision is an essential part of product design and manufacturing processes. Without attention to detail, the whole project can be destined to fail. As a manufacturer or a project manager, you have to always strive for the highest precision and top-notch production quality. From the moment the idea starts swirling in your mind, you have to pick the best materials, decide which techniques and tools are the most suitable for the project, and gather a competent team to execute it professionally.

However, sometimes even after careful planning, a small detail slips, and spoils the whole design, for example, weak noise or light isolation. Light and noise absorption are vital for various products, especially in the automotive, space, defense, instrumentation, research, and other similar industries. You have to make sure that your product can bring the best value and meet what’s promised to the end-user. 

Absorption Materials and Coatings for Light Suppression and Noise Reduction
Source: Acktar

A professional light suppression and noise reduction solution can help you avoid spoiling your project and ensure a better position in the market. Acktar is one of such service examples. Acktar is a world-leading company in light absorption materials and coatings. They produce Super Black materials and coatings for suppressing stray light, and noise reduction in wavelengths VIS, SWIR, and MWIR.

Acktar coatings for noise and light absorption

Acktar has a long history of producing first-rate absorption materials and coatings. They apply coatings on Super Black materials (blackest black), Black Foils, and Direct Coatings for the blackening of opto-mechanical components in order to reduce stray light and improve the quality of a picture in optical systems. These components can be applied to light trapping systems, including lens housings, baffles, IR sensors, UV sensors, passive infrared detectors, black bodies, light detectors, UV absorbers, and many more.

Acktar specializes in:

Black Coatings

The company delivers an advanced optical black coating solution to suppress stray light. Their Black coatings absorb light throughout the spectrum, ultra-violet, visible, and Infra-red wavelengths. To maximize the outcome, they produce versatile Super Black materials.

Coated Black Foils and Films 

This service benefits companies that require large amounts of coating and those that need to be renewed periodically. Coated foils and thin films are also commonly used for prototyping and checking feasibility before serial production of direct coatings on to parts. The product is an “in-house” coating with direct coating abilities. The black foils and thin-film coatings are available either with or without an adhesive backing and in sheets, die-cuts, or rolls.

Absorption Materials and Coatings for Light Suppression and Noise Reduction
Source: Acktar

Blackened Opto-mechanical Components 

These are standard parts, tubes, beam dumps, pinholes, and slits that have been upgraded with Acktar coatings to elevate their ability to reduce noise, eliminate unwanted reflections, and increase the efficiency of the optical system. Acktar also offers its unique HexaBlack™ for suppression of stray in grazing angles

Microplates and Microarray Slides 

Microplates and microarray slides with a high adsorptive porous surface to improve protein and DNA binding, and cell attachment. Acktar advantages are zero auto-fluorescence and no background noise to lower the limit of detection in assays. 

Key Features of Acktar absorption materials and coatings

Acktar seeks to improve product design processes for companies that struggle with stray light suppression, noise reduction in high-performance optical systems. They deliver the highest available absorptance together with advanced application features and advantages.

Some of the advantages and features of using Acktar solution:

  • Absorptance as high as 99%
  • Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, and polymers
  • Completely inorganic and extremely low outgassing
  • Thermal stability -269°C to +450°C (4°K to 623°K)
  • Hi-Vacuum compatibility 10-11 mbar
  • Thin to conform to sharp edges
  • No particulation and high vibration stability
  • Electrically conductive and non-conductive options available
  • Abrasion-resistant and high resistance to solvents
  • REACH /RoHS compliant, ecologically clean
  • ISO 9001-2008 and AS 9100 rev 100% re-workable

More about the company

Founded in 1993, Acktar has developed and manufactured several of the blackest Coatings known to date. Being a leader in the field of stray light, noise reduction solutions means a lot to Acktar, but that is not enough. Acktar took on the responsibility to the environment as well and worked hard on implementing sustainable production and manufacturing choices. 

Acktar’s coatings and coating processes eliminate the use of any environmentally damaging materials and as a result, don’t generate any undesirable waste. The process itself is an engineered surface with a controlled topology, created by vacuum deposition of inorganic and completely non-toxic materials. 

Absorption Materials and Coatings for Light Suppression and Noise Reduction
Source: Acktar

The coatings are 100% RoHS and REACH compliant. These unique attributes are critical in the world “going greener” every day. While other coatings are slowly being taken off the market, Acktar Black Coatings are not going anywhere.

Most major industries, Automotive, Aerospace, Biotechnologies, and others will insist on qualification to these high standards. Acktar Black coatings are currently being used in all the above and many others worldwide.

Acktar coatings can be applied to any Vacuum compatible substrate, form something printed on your 3D printer to high end machined mechanical parts, from plastics to glass, ceramics, silicon, metals, and everything else in between. 

Therefore, if you’re searching for ways to improve your product design and manufacturing results, consider using Acktar’s advanced absorption materials and coatings. For more information, you can visit Acktar, connect on LinkedIn, or directly contact them at mailto:[email protected]

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