This bike desk can generate 75 watts of power in one hour of pedaling

You can get fit while you work.
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Acer desk bike


The rise of remote work has brought with it a need for new and innovative ways to stay active and healthy while working from home. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the bike desk, a stationary bike with a desk mounted on top that allows users to work while getting a low-impact cardiovascular workout.

Taiwanese electronics giant Acer recently released its own version of the bike desk, called the eKinekt BD 3, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Acer claims that the eKinekt BD 3 is designed for "sustainable and healthier lifestyles," and it certainly seems to offer a number of benefits for those who use it.

The eKinekt BD 3 turns kinetic energy from cycling into an electrical charge, which can be used to power electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. According to Acer, one hour of non-stop pedaling at 60 revolutions per minute on the machine can generate 75 watts of power. This means that not only can you get a workout in while you work, but you can also charge your devices at the same time.

Benefits of the eKinekt

In addition to its power-generating capabilities, the eKinekt BD 3 also offers a comfortable and convenient working environment. The desk can be moved closer to the seat in "Working Mode," allowing users to sit more upright and type or participate in video calls more easily. When switched to "Sports Mode," the desk is pushed forward to create more room for a more strenuous workout. The bike also has adjustable resistance levels, allowing users to tailor their workouts to their fitness levels and goals.

The eKinekt BD 3 bike desk has several features that make it convenient and user-friendly. It has two USB Type-A ports and a USB Type-C port so that you can charge multiple devices at once. An LED indicator on the back of the bike lights up when you're pedaling, indicating that the kinetic energy you're creating is being converted into electricity. To help users stay motivated, Acer has created a companion app for the eKinekt BD 3 bike desk. The app displays the number of calories burned and the amount of electricity produced, which can be tracked on a built-in LCD display. 

When will we see the eKinekt?

The eKinekt BD 3 is aimed at post-pandemic workers who want to stay active while working from home, and it offers a number of benefits for those who use it. In addition to the physical benefits of cycling, the eKinekt BD 3 can also help users stay focused and productive while working, as the low-impact workout can help to clear the mind and improve circulation. The bike desk is also a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, as it allows users to generate their own electricity and reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources.

The bike is expected to be available in North America starting in June of this year for $999. With the rise of hybrid work models and the increasing need for at-home fitness options, it seems likely that the bike desk will be a popular choice for those looking to stay active and healthy while working remotely.

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