Adidas Used 1.8 Million Plastic Bottles to Build a Sustainable Football Field

The sporting company is known for its strong sustainability focus.
Fabienne Lang
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The football players of Miami Edison High School will be able to enjoy the crunch of the pellets on their football field as they run around knowing they're running on a sustainable pitch. 

The sporting-wear company, Adidas, built the pitch, and it's made up of 1.8 million plastic bottles. These are all recycled from remote islands, shorelines, and beaches — in a bid to prevent plastic from polluting our oceans. 


Sustainable football field

A normal turf field uses a big amount of virgin plastics and re-ground rubber for its pitch.

What Adidas did differently was to use plastic bottles that were already polluting our environment, and reuse them to build a high-school football field. 

James Carney, vice president of global brand strategy at Adidas told CNN that "the sustainable field that the company built was made from plastic bottles sourced from remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines — all with the goal of preventing it from polluting the ocean."

The plastic was properly washed and treated before being used as infill for the field. 

Infill is used on these types of pitches and looks like little pellets. These are crucial for the turf as it increases the playability of the field. Players have better traction from it and are better protected when they fall, dive, or slide as it increases cushioning on the ground. 

There's a strong and positive message for the athletes who will play on this field: "We believe that through sport we have the power to change lives, and this field is a demonstration of our taking action on that belief," said Cameron Collins, the North America director of football at Adidas.

"More than a place for these young athletes to play, it's a reminder of our collective responsibility to end plastic waste," continued Collins. 

The players who will use the sustainable donated field are students of Miami Edison High School, in Florida. 

Adidas is well-known for trying to reuse and recycle polluting plastics into sportswear and sporting goods. Below is a YouTube video of how the company used plastics to make sustainable running shoes: 

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