Adobe Closes All Accounts in Venezuela Due to U.S. Sanctions

Users have until October 28 to download any software content, and will not receive any refunds.
Fabienne Lang

Adobe users in Venezuela recently received the news that all Adobe-related software will cease to work as of October 28. They can no longer use Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, or any other Adobe software. 

The news is surprising, even though it complies with U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order, issued in August, prohibiting all American trade with Venezuela. 

Adobe users in the South American country received emails informing them that their accounts will be valid only until October 28. After this date, their software will be blocked. 


Adobe, Venezuela, and the U.S.

In their emails, Adobe has included a further support document, which further explains their reasons. 

When answering the question, "Why are you canceling my subscription?" Adobe's response on their site is: 

"The U.S. Government issued Executive Order 13884, the practical effect of which is to prohibit almost all transactions and services between U.S. companies, entities, and individuals in Venezuela. To remain compliant with this order, Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela."

Adding fuel to the fire, Adobe won't be offering any refunds to its current Venezuelan-based users.

The American company's reasoning is "the cessation of all activity with the entities including no sales, service, support, refunds, credits, etc."

Bad news for freelancers and NGOs

For all those freelancers, designers, and people who use the company's software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, this is awful news.

Furthermore, NGOs and media outlets that regularly use InDesign, Acrobat, and Reader will no longer have access to these useful tools.

There is a high number of dissatisfied costumers in Venezuela, voicing their concerns through Twitter, as can be seen with the below comment:

It's an unfortunate sequence of events for Adobe users in the country. This is highlighted by the fact that the company's subscription-based payment model will immediately close off to its users — some, that have been Adobe users for years.

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Adobe has promised to keep on top of the U.S.' sanctions, as the company stated: "We will continue to monitor developments closely and will make every effort to restore services to Venezuela as soon as it is legally permissible to do so."

But until that day comes, Adobe will be off-limits in Venezuela. 

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