Adobe Scan Can Turn Any Document into an Editable PDF (And It's Free!)

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Adobe is launching Adobe Scan, a brand new mobile application that makes converting paper documents to editable PDF files fast and simple. 

You may already be using on of the plethora of scan-to-pdf apps available on the market. However, the new Adobe Scan sets itself apart from its competitors in a number of ways. Most apps available at the moment don’t allow you to edit the document once it is scanned. Adobe Scan uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that converts the printed text to editable digital text. This text can then be selected, searched, edited or copied in Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC. Better yet, Adobe claims the free app won’t have limits to page quantity.

All in the Cloud

The App is designed to be used in conjunction with Adobe Cloud. If you are already a registered user this is a huge advantage. Unfortunately, the new app won’t allow you to select alternative upload destinations. All scanned documents go to your Adobe Document Cloud account where you can then download them or share them or store them. Paying Acrobat DC users ($12.99/mo Standard, $14.99/mo Pro) have the further advantage of being able to fully edit and organize documents, collect signatures.   Adobe Scan Can Turn Any Document into an Editable PDF (And It's Free!)

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Powered by AI

Adobe Scan isn’t limited to work with typical paper files like bills and invoices. Adobe claims almost anything is scannable including small till receipts, business cards, meeting room slides and even whiteboards or sticky notes.

To develop the app Adobe invested heavily in the company's machine learning and AI platform, Sensai. The powerful platform allows for accurate boundary detection, auto crop and perspective correction. The app also has the functionality to remove shadows. The company's blog suggests using the app is very simple as the power of Sensei will do the hard work for you. Simply hold your device over the item to be scanned and the app will establish the edges of your document, then captures and enhances the image. Once captured, the image is stored in the cloud and can be edited or shared.  

Sign Here!

A really useful feature for some users will be the advanced functionality of  Adobe Sign. This allows users to share and send documents that need signatures with ease and security.

Most Popular

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, the new app will be functional across all mobile devices.  


While the Adobe Scan is a progressive app, its downside is its strict connection to the Adobe Cloud. Having your data spread across all the common cloud-based storage platforms can become a hassle. Particularly when you can’t find the right thing at the right time, not too mention juggling passwords and storage limits. There are some neat aggregate cloud storage services out there that will allow you to see your data from every provider in a single view in their Web or mobile-based app. But be aware your subscription to a service like cloudHQ, Otixo, and ZeroPC may end up costing you as much as your storage provider.  

Source: TechCrunch, Adobe, Macworld

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