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At present we are witnessing fierce competition on the smartphone market between the leading companies and several smaller manufacturers. But there is another marketing segment which develops a bit faster nowadays – the segment of  smartwatches. Although smartwatches are still behind the smartphones regarding performance, connectivity and apps, a look taken at different point of view shows that a smartwatch is far easier and comfortable to wear unlike most brick-like smartphones.

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With the following smart device we see some sort of union between the smartphone and the smartwatch. AGENT is a wristwatch which is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can almost literally watch your smartphone from your wrist. It is able to work with iPhone 4S or newer, Windows Phone 8 and Android 2.3. The gadget has dual processor in order to save energy - while the main processor is kept in sleep mode, the secondary processor maintains the routine tasks, which decreases significantly the overall energy consumption. The watch is able to alert you about incoming messages, calls and in case you're about to forget your smartphone somewhere.

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AGENT supports .NET Micro Framework which improves the way that smartwatch apps are created. It uses 1,28 inches Sharp Memory Display and will be available for purchase at the end of 2013.

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