Chinese company wants to build AI model better than ChatGPT by October

It recently demonstrated its AI model that can work in four major industry sectors.
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Newly unveiled AI model wants to surpass ChatGPT in a few months
Newly unveiled AI model wants to surpass ChatGPT in a few months

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iFlytek, a voice-recognition company, based in China is the newest entrant to build artificial intelligence (AI) models. On Saturday (May 6), the company conducted a live demonstration of its generation language model SparkDesk, which it claims will outperform OpenAI's ChatGPT by October this year.

OpenAI took the lead in the generative AI race when it launched its conversational chatbot ChatGPT last year and set a benchmark for others to beat. While the likes of Google and Chinese counterpart Baidu launched their own versions of chatbots, ChatGPT has remained a market leader thanks to its superior capabilities.

OpenAI also launched an advanced version of the AI model that is used to power ChatGPT but as time passes, others such as Alibaba Group are catching up fast. Now iFlytek is confident of superseding ChatGPT too.

SparkDesk versus ChatGPT

iFlytek's chairman, Liu Qingfeng, claims that the company has analyzed ChatGPT's primary directions and using information about the needs of their own customers has concluded that general AI needs seven core competencies. These are text generation, language understanding, question and answer, logical reasoning, mathematical ability, code ability, and multimodal ability.

During its live demonstration on Saturday, iFlytek showcased these seven competencies of SparkDesk. Apart from prompting the AI model to create stories using characters from two different time periods, the demonstration also showcased voice-recognition prompts, in both Chinese and English.

Chinese company wants to build AI model better than ChatGPT by October
AI is getting powerful real quickly

The company also said that the generative AI could perform a wide range of tasks such as composing emails, drafting press releases, and creating schedules, and was even better at generating long pieces of text when compared to ChatGPT. The company claims that SparkDesk is also better than ChatGPT in answering questions and mathematical ability but will surpass the OpenAI product by October this year.

IFlytek also shared applications of SparkDesk in areas such as education, automotive, office, and digital employees. This includes the use of AI for the correction of student essays, virtual tutors as a teaching aid for students, generating meeting minutes based on handwritten notes as well as smarter driving experiences. The AI model can also help employees perform repetitive tasks in their work environments, PanDaily reported.

Interestingly, iFlytek is among the companies barred from buying critical components from the U.S. by the Commerce Department's 2019 blacklist. The announcement of the chatbot also comes at a time when the Chinese internet regulator has published draft guidelines for the operation of generative AI services, Bloomberg reported.

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