This AI-powered baby stroller offers intelligent braking and hands-free strolling

The stroller has been featured in the list of the Innovation Awards honorees at CES 2023.
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Gluxkind smart stroller
Gluxkind smart stroller


In an effort to make life easier for new parents, Glüxkind Technologies showcased its AI-powered baby stroller at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The product, named Ella, aims to offer advanced safety and convenience features tailor-made for busy modern parents. 

Glüxkind is a Canadian baby technology startup founded in 2020 by Anne Hunger and Kevin Huang. The stroller has been featured in the list of the Innovation Awards honorees at CES 2023. This year’s CES Innovation Awards program received over 2,100 submissions. 

"We want to embolden parents to explore and create their own paths on their parenting journey and be the best parents they can be. Being named a CES Innovation Awards recipient is further proof that we’re on the right track,” said Glüxkind co-founder and CEO Kevin Huang in a press release

Features that make Ella unique

The battery-powered baby stroller offers an adaptive push assist feature in which the system seamlessly powers the wheels when it senses an incline or a hill. This allows the user to gently place their hands on the stroller for it to move forward effortlessly, regardless of the terrain. 

A feature that is a definite safety requirement in a stroller – intelligent braking technology enables it to control the speed of the stroller when it senses a decline or a downward slope. "Ella senses the distance to the user when using Hands-Free mode and stays within arms’ reach. If the user goes out of reach, she stops." According to the company, Ella also monitors the surroundings and alerts users of potential dangers like cars, bikes, and scooters

Its intelligent hands-free strolling feature enables parents to relax or multitask as the stroller takes care of rolling forward in a safe manner using its AI-assisted parent-assist technology. "When your child is not in the stroller and the stroller is unoccupied, Ella gives you the freedom to do what you need to do while she strolls on the sidewalk with you, at your pace."

More convenience features on offer 

Ella offers an automatic rocking mechanism to soothe your little ones when you're away. "The smooth rocking feature mimics the movement of the stroller, helps your baby sleep longer, and gives you a chance to recharge."

A built-in white noise machine and a Glüxkind application let parents choose from a range of soothing sounds to extend a baby's sleeping cycle. The application also allows parents to track the location of the stroller by using the Find-My-Baby feature.

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