AI-Powered Counter Drone System Forces Threats to Land Autonomously

Citadel's portable and autonomous system, Titan, identifies air, land, and sea drone threats.
Fabienne Lang

Researchers have built an autonomous AI and machine learning-powered, portable counter drone system to defend ships, vehicles, and aircraft from possible drone threats. 

Citadel's Titan system forces drones to land safely without disrupting nearby communications or electronics — something that will come in as handy in complex urban areas as in rural ones. 

"As the only automated RF (radiofrequency) sensor solution in the market that uses AI and machine learning to detect, identify, track, and safely defeat uncooperative drones, Titan is a force multiplier for the US and allied forces," explained Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, to Business Wire.

How does Titan work and what does it do 

As Citadel points out, Titan is easily set up in under five minutes and can scan an area that's far greater than the eye can see. To keep matters simple and easy to use, Titan users don't need to be specially trained and don't require signal expertise to operate it. 

To keep the system readily usable, it's been engineered for fixed, mobile, and dismounted operations, so can be used as a stand-alone device or mounted on a vehicle. On top of this, it's able to detect drones on land, underwater, and in the air. Titan is able to track and store data for post-mission analysis and threat validation. 

The system uses AI and machine learning to pick up drone swarm threats in a matter of weeks, compared with months or sometimes even years.

Titan was developed with the purpose to protect troops and valuable assets against unwanted drone threats in the instances when multi-sensor systems can't be used. It has one of the lowest false alarm threats around, offers targeted counter-measures, and gives the broadest level of threat coverage in counter drone solutions

With drones and their systems upgrading each year, it's crucial to have systems such as Titan operating on the field to protect people and assets.

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