AI Powered Mind-Reading Tech Could Soon Read Your Mind

Scientists are working on developing Black Mirror-styled AI tech that can decode your brain signals.
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All secrets are safe within your head, right? Well, that is not the case anymore! It’s been some time since the scientists have started looking into mind reading. And it’s safe to say that they have made a considerable amount of progress in this field.


The scientists are using mapping techniques to extract data from the brain and to convert them into useful information. If you are thinking how close this is to some episodes of Black Mirror, then you are safe to assume that the technology is progressing on the same path.

Soon, this technology will evolve in a way that the scientists could reach out to your memories and play them like a movie.  

Let’s look at the areas where technology is making progress in a way that we could have only imagined!

Understanding Complex Behavior

Machine learning is the future, and it is here to make changes in the way we do things and how we do it. But turns out it can do far greater things than that.

The progress in helping human beings through machine learning comes in the form of reverse engineering the technology. Through machine learning, we can help people with behavioral disorders by letting the machine understand what they are thinking and responding in an appropriate way.

How the Words Define You: Language Charting

It was found out that the brain likes to associate words in a language using specific colors and dimensions. This discovery was made by a neurologist named Alexander Huth and a team of researchers.

This project was funded by National Science Foundation. The experiments conducted with the help of a fMRI machine showed that specific parts of the brain light up with language processing.

This study was invaluable because, with this technology, new methods can be developed through which patients who can’t talk can be helped.

Facial recognition technology

AI Powered Mind-Reading Tech Could Soon Read Your Mind
Source: EFF Photos/Flickr

It was the research group led by Alan S. Cowen who first discovered that face data could be reconstructed from a person’s mind after carefully monitoring brain activity through a series of tests. The study was done in 2014, and the data could point us in the direction of how autistic children respond to faces.

Never Lose Hold of A Dream

Did you know that in future, you might not have to worry about forgetting a dream that you had? The preliminary version of this technology was tested back in 2013, and it showed great results.

The experiment was done in Japan when scientists decided to decode dreams using an MRI scanner. The result was a process that returned 60% accuracy in reading dreams.

Of course, we will see more about this technology in the near future.

Project your thoughts!

MMT or millennium magnetic technologies found that the thoughts can be read by using fMRI scanners. This was done by carefully monitoring brain activity and where the activity happens inside the brain.

It could even differentiate been faces, object, truth, and lie, etc.

Is The Future Really Bright?

Let’s not get to the conclusion where others could actually use devices to read your minds, because that is illegal and violates several human rights. Moreover, the current scenario requires a lot of funds and repetitive tests to return a positive result.


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