Moonwalkers: These AI-powered shoes will have you walking 250% faster

They can even handle uneven terrains and puddles of water.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Shift Robotics  

Pittsburgh-based robotics and engineering company Shift Robotics has invented AI-powered shoes called Moonwalkers that allow the wearer to walk 250 percent faster. The wearables have already garnered themselves the title of “world’s fastest shoes,” according to an article by the Vigour Times published on Sunday.

You may be wondering: what does artificial intelligence have to do with shoes? The company’s website offers the following description:

“Moonwalkers are the first-ever mobility device that allows you to walk at the speed of a run. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, you can cover more distance - at your own pace.”

The technology within the shoes allows for instantaneous response times, making them super agile to seamlessly move through crowds. It also empowers the wearables to adapt to your walking style, decreasing the risk of discomfort and providing a natural feel to your stride. 

User-friendly and intuitive

The shoes are said to be extremely user-friendly, allowing wearers to master their many advantages in ten steps. The motor powering them can also be turned off when walking up stairs or doing other activities where speed might be a hindrance.

They also work pretty intuitively. Speed up your pace to go faster and slow down to decelerate.

But what about uneven terrain or rain? Not to worry, these bad boys can tackle these obstacles as well. They boast eight overlapping wheels that can simulate a much larger diameter to climb through difficult terrains or even navigate puddles of water.

The shoes are equipped to withstand a total recommended weight of 220 pounds and carry a 300-watt electric motor. Wearers can achieve speeds of up to 7mph and travel a distance of a 10k run without breaking a sweat. 

Other attributes of the shoes include brushless DC motors, water-resistant sealing, automotive-grade reinforced plastics, a 90-minute charge, and 6.5 miles of range. The shoes are expected to hit the market this summer and will cost $1,399, according to Vigour Times, which is not bad considering everything they can do.

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