AI revolution meets marketing returns: Aiko, Aiden world's first AI interns

The goal of Codeword's purported experiment in human-AI collaboration is to gain more insight into the application of AI in the creative sector.
Baba Tamim
Codeword's AI-interns: Aiko (left) and Aiden (right).
Codeword's AI-interns: Aiko (left) and Aiden (right).

Interesting Engineering/Codeword 

Humans "will be challenged even more to perform better if artificial intelligence (AI) is successful."

This is what an aerospace industry intern told Interesting Engineering (IE) while reacting to the recent news of AI interns being hired by a remote marketing firm in the United States. 

"The human interns who are not performing well will face a serious threat to their future," said Can Unen, a student trainee at an aviation engineering company in Turkey. 

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