AI Robot Artist Ai-Da to Exhibit Series of Self-Portraits

Ai-Da painted her self-portraits by looking into a mirror using her camera "eyes."
Chris Young

Ai-Da, the humanoid artificial intelligence robot artist that has sold over a million dollars worth of art, will exhibit self-portraits that she created by looking into a mirror using her camera "eyes." 

The works of art, made with practically no human intervention, will be displayed at the Design Museum in London, a report by The Sunday Times explains.

Named Ai-Da after the 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace, the automated artist is capable of drawing real people — in a somewhat sketchy, haphazard, and unique, fashion — using its camera eye and a pencil in its robot hand.

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By looking in the mirror, Ai-Da will use algorithms to program a visual representation of her face into coordinates. The robot's hand then calculates a virtual route, allowing it to represent these coordinates on the canvas.

Reflecting 'technological uses and abuses in today's world'

The idea for Ai-Da was created by Aidan Meller, owner of an Oxford art gallery under his name, and art curator Lucy Seal.

In The Sunday Times article, Seal explained that "we live in a culture of selfies, but we are giving our data to the tech giants, who use it to predict our behavior. Through technology, we outsource our own decisions."

"The work invites us to think about artificial intelligence, technological uses, and abuses in today's world."

Ai-Da's self-portraits will be exhibited at the Design Museum in London between May and June, subject to Covid restrictions at the time. 

Another exhibition in Sept. 2020, showcased Ai-Da's work and explored whether artificial intelligence should own its own intellectual property in the future. 

As of 2019, Ai-Da's creators reported that the robot's work had sold for more than £1 million (approx 1.27 million USD). 

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