The Black Mirror-esque AI service lets you speak to the deceased loved ones

It is an honoree in the Virtual & Augmented Reality segment at CES 2023.
Ameya Paleja
AI-powered service lets you talk to dead loved ones
AI-powered service lets you talk to dead loved ones


Late in 2022, Deep Brain AI, a Korean company, began offering a service called Re;memory that lets you converse with your deceased loved ones. The service, which reminds us of the Be Right Back episode in the Black Mirror series, delivers artificial intelligence (AI)-based virtual humans that mimic the faces, voices as well as expressions of those long gone and let you converse with them as if they were on a video call with you.

The concept of using AI to power conversations between those in this world and those who have passed on is quite old in the technology world and has been attempted in many versions, either as a chatbot or even through a podcast. While some attempted to bring back facial expressions, others tried to give the AI the ability to mimic voices from record clips.

Now, Seoul-based Deep Brain AI has brought all these features onto a single platform and launched it as a paid service for those who would like to connect again with their loved ones, even if it were just virtual.

How does Re;memory work?

When a loved one passes away, a family is often left with digital memories such as pictures and videos. These are one-way modes of communication where one can hear and see their loved ones but can't interact back with them.

DeepBrain AI takes this treasure trove of information and, along with a pre-interview, can put together a private virtual meeting in their studio, where you can even have unfinished conversations with your loved ones.

Behind the scenes, the company's image synthesis technology can realize an AI human that is complete in non-verbal parts such as lip-syncing, movements, and facial expressions. It also uses conversational AI technology that uses natural language processing and speech recognition technology to make real-time conversations possible.

Conversations with loved ones

After hours of data processing, the Re;memory service can provide a 30-minute reuniting experience with your loved ones where you can talk to them or have a video message delivered from them on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. One can also create biographic videos personalized for each individual in the household or even hold a memorial service with the AI-human present.

Re;memory services are offered through a memorial showroom where a large 400-inch screen and high-quality sound system make your experience more realistic. This is a private space where only near and dear ones can relive cherished moments with their loved ones and can be used to revisit them when your desire again.

However, it is not just dead people that the company can turn into AI humans. Prior to this, DeepBrain AI brought an AI version of a news presenter on a national channel while also unveiling an AI version of Yoon Seok-Yeoul, a candidate for the People Power Party, who is currently the President of South Korea.

For its innovation, the company has been selected as an honoree at the CES Innovation Awards 2023 in the Virtual & Augmented Reality category.

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