Air Force One Has Reportedly Flown Directly Above a 'Small Flying Object'

The massive aircraft had a near miss with the object that may have been a drone.
Fabienne Lang

Drones and other remotely-controlled flying objects can be extremely useful, can achieve incredible things (just check out these 200 drones flying indoors simultaneously), but can also get in the way. 

The latter can lead to disastrous events, which could have been the case for the U.S.' Air Force One plane that apparently flew right over a "small flying object," as per a reporter sitting in a window seat. 

Worrying news

AFP's reporter, Sebastian Smith, shared the news on Twitter that he noticed a small flying object beneath the U.S. President Trump's plane as they were landing. Smith couldn't confirm exactly what the object was, but he said it "resembled a drone."

The flight was bringing Trump back from the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, according to the Drive.


Another person aboard the flight, Jennifer Jacobs, also took to Twitter upon landing to confirm Smith wasn't the only one to see a flying object as the plane approached the airbase. 

Regulations surrounding unmanned flying objects are being pushed forward by the FAA, so that they are more easily tracked and if anything untoward happens because of them, voluntarily or involuntarily, that the owners be brought to justice.

It's slightly worrying to realize such an object could come so near one of the world's most influential men's aircraft. Certainly, something to look into and try and create regulations around.

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