Pioneering air-to-water technology harvests high-quality drinking water at home

This air-to-water dispenser makes up to 10 liters of alkaline water per day.
Ayesha Gulzar
Kara Pure
Kara Pure

Kara Pure 

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas this week, a US-based startup, Kara Water, demonstrated a water dispenser to harvest high-quality drinking water at home. The atmospheric water generator (AWG) produces antioxidant, anti-bacterial, ionized, and mineral-rich water straight from the air around you.

The winner of Consumer's Electronic Show (CES) 2023 honoree, Kara Pure is more than just a water dispenser; it combines the air purifier, dehumidifier, water filter, and dispenser into a single sleek stainless-steel tower that is a constant source of pure drinking water.

The revolutionary water creation process

Water exists in the driest of environments but needs optimal conditions to be released for use. Water harvesting endeavors date back decades involving energy-intensive, restrictive, and costly approaches like dew-point simulation and pressurization.

Kara Pure pulls the moisture in the air through a powerful desiccant, a substance with a high affinity for water. Although air is a relatively cleaner harvesting platform compared to soil, water obtained from it requires purification and sterilization, nonetheless. Kara pure follows a rigorous multistage filtration process involving heating, carbon filtering, and periodic UV-C sterilization to remove harmful airborne impurities and maintain purity and crispness over time.

A sustainable solution for fresh drinking water

"Our groundwater is contaminated or depleted, and we need to find a new way to provide drinking water to the people around the world," says CEO and co-founder Cory Soodeen, who grew up in a town where drinking water had high levels of contamination coercing the residents to purchase bottled water.

Kara Pure is a one-size-fits-all solution that reduces contaminated groundwater dependence and obliterates plastic waste by producing almost 300 liters of fresh, clean water monthly.

The water produced is fortified by a built-in ionizer that isolates the alkaline part resulting in 9.2+ pH alkaline spring-like water. It then infuses it with seven essential minerals; zinc, calcium, magnesium, lithium, selenium, strontium, and metasilicic acid, promoting healthy skin, hydration, and calmness.

Periodic sterilization every four hours ensures a continuous supply of bacteria and contamination-free water.

Its dehumidification feature reduces mold build-up by removing excess aerial water. It also monitors humidity levels, avoiding excessive dehumidification and maintaining it at a comfortable 25 percent.

Once moisture has been separated, the air is released back into the room following purification. Kara Pure boasts a 250-300 square ft. purification area making heavy metal and other impurity-free air a significant by-product.

A new hope

Kara Water has transformed an idea conceived in laboratories for years into an accessible home appliance. As the world continues to face water scarcity and rising levels of plastic waste, an all-rounder like Kara Pure takes center stage in innovative engineering and conscious efforts to battle the ravages of climate change. It infuses us with hope and excites us for what great minds of the world deliver next.