Meet AjnaXR, the lightest mixed reality headset in its class

The headset is a CES 2023 honoree in the Virtual & Augmented Reality category.
Ameya Paleja
The AjnaXR headset with diopter lenses
The AjnaXR headset with diopter lenses


An India-based startup, AjnaLens, has unveiled a mixed-reality headset, AjnaXR, which is designed to empower people with real-world skills by changing the way we learn, a press release said. The company leverages mixed reality, a combination of virtual and augmented reality, to deliver a more immersive learning experience as compared to conventional methods.

Even as 2022 was dominated by the news about the metaverse and worlds in virtual reality, the hype around the technology began waning as the year came to an end. Although VR delivers a highly immersive environment, the inability to touch and interact with objects in this space has imposed certain limits on the experience.

On the other hand, mixed reality combines the best of both virtual and augmented reality and provides a platform that can have applications in various fields ranging from entertainment to construction, medicine to agriculture. AjnaLens, the Indian startup, has focused on using it to foster learning.

AjnaXR mixed reality headset

Unveiled at the CES 2023, the AjnaXR mixed reality headset features a dual 2.1-inch F-LCD display with a 95-108 degrees point of view. With refresh rates of 90 Hz, the Ajna Lens is available in two versions of displays, one with a 3200x1600p resolution while the enterprise edition offers 4560x2280p or 5K resolution, a local news outlet reported.

Powered by Qualcomm XR2 chipset that can deliver ultra-low latency, the headset also uses eye tracking to reduce the rendering workload on the processors to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.

The Ajna XR headset uses WiFi6 to stream content and has a 5,500 mAh battery pack which allows up to three hours of continuous usage. It is also the first headset in the world to feature diopter lenses, thereby allowing those with prescription glasses to adjust their power on the headset itself without having to bother about adding extra layers for an immersive experience.

Meet AjnaXR, the lightest mixed reality headset in its class
AjnaXR mixed reality headset

With all its features, the AjnaXR weighs just 13 ounces (390 grams), making it the lightest headset in its class, the press release claimed.

The metaverse within

The headset also features a learning platform called AjnaVidya, where developers can upload industry-validated courses for users to learn. Currently, the platform covers courses from various fields such as automotive, healthcare, airport management, and much more.

The headset allows for training to be conducted in mixed reality using haptic gloves. Since the headset is aimed at users looking to skill themselves, there is also a leaderboard available where a user performance can be tracked and is accessible to recruiters who are looking to hire fresh talent. The company claims to have onboarded 15 recruiters so far.

AjnaLens also has a long list of prestigious clients, which includes the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the Ministry of Defence in India, as well as companies such as TATA, Larsen, and Toubro, which have a global presence.