A New All-Electric Truck Comes With a Geodesic Tent

Get ready for a new Cybertruck rival.
Brad Bergan
The all-electric Alpha truck, with a geodesic tent.Alpha Motor Corp.

It's time to bring nature into outdoor adventures.

A new all-electric truck is making waves, featuring a novel design that integrates several spatial structures, and comes ready to equip a "cloudbreak" geodesic tent, according to a recent press release

The new vehicle was unveiled in a caramel white color, taking its cue from the renowned stones of Carmel Beach, California.

An all-electric truck tent add-on designed for 'functional relaxation'

The "Cloudbreak" geodesic tent was designed for "functional relaxation," and features double entry/exit points in the rear that go into larger entry corridors. The tent itself is made of weatherproof, high-quality materials like high-tenacity polyester, which won't tear easily. "Cloudbreak is a design we have been working on for quite a while," read a statement from tent-maker HEIMPLANET's Co-Founder, Stefan Clauss, in the press release. "We have been searching for the perfect structure that guarantees stability and offers comfortable access. Many structures offer either one or another but with this geodesic structure we found the perfect balance. For the collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, we adapted the shape to fit the dimension of the vehicle while allowing for two separated access points."

"The result is a unified vehicle and tent form while maintaining full functionality," added Clauss, in the release. Alpha and HEIMPLANET are both outdoor-focused technology companies, which made a partnership on a truck-tent project a natural process. "What's the point of being a modern outdoor brand if you don't take risks?" asked HEIMPLANET, rhetorically, in the press release. "In fact, we don't care much about realistic, we care about what drives us forward."

The project also placed sustainability in the central role of development, according to Alpha, referencing environmental, social, and governmental concerns' role in the future of the automotive industry. "Creativity is the main component to mainstream upcycling and that is beyond technology," said the company. "We are passionate to find sustainable solutions in mobility that people can truly appreciate."

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An alternative to the Tesla Cybertruck's Cyberlandr RV

This could represent the beginning of a modest rivalry between Alpha/HEIMPLANET and a recreational add-on to Tesla's Cybertruck, for which a startup has already made $5 million in preorders. But instead of a tent, the Las Vegas-based analytics company Stream It developed a multi-use high-tech RV, allowing Tesla truck customers to add a portable home for weekend trips or emergencies to their Cybertruck. It comes with a bed, kitchen, and shower, and can fit inside of ordinary parking spaces.

The CyberLandr RV is equipped with a water filtration system, voice automation, and even a Starlink dish for internet access. "We conservatively estimate demand for CyberLandr at more than 10,000 units in 2022," said Lance King, Stream It CEO, in a May press release, adding that the startup will work with a manufacturing consulting firm called Munro and Associates to optimize its production and delivery logistics for unconscionably high demand.

While a "home away from home" RV for the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck is something that, as Elon Musk is fond of saying, "hits you in the limbic system," eco-conscious consumers may want to opt into Alpha and HEIMPLANET's joint project to save big on expenses, without sacrificing sustainability.

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