Altered: Nozzle Saves 98% of Water by Atomizing

Altered: Nozzle works by atomizing water, so you can spend less, by installing easily into the existing tap in 30 seconds.
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Water is the most important chemical in the entire world. It is the source of life – there is no way to stay alive without it. Therefore, scientists are trying to find water on different planets, to find a way to survive, when all current water sources come to an end. Up to 90% of our body is water when we are born, it is essential to our existence. So we have to find a way to save water resources. The Altered Company does so with the ‘worlds most extreme water saver’: Altered: Nozzle.

Altered: Nozzle works by atomizing the water, so we can spend 98% less water, by installing a tiny nozzle easily into the existing tap in 30 seconds. It is pretty effective; you even don’t realize that you are using less water. Altered is running a Kickstarter campaign for the Nozzle, and have already collected the US$380,000 from 4864 backers.

How does it work?

Surprisingly, the Altered: Nozzle is based on a technology that was designed to spray as much as water possible. It works way different than regular nozzles. By atomizing the water, it breaks the water into billion tiny drops coming out at a high speed, this gives it greater pressure, which makes it more useful.

Source: Altered: Nozzle

The Nozzle fits easily with any kind of taps, has five different color options and is able to be used in two different modes. In the second mode, the water is atomized less, which makes it easier to fill water to anything, but it is still saves 75% of the water.

Source: Altered: Nozzle

Altered: Nozzle has a quite simple and cool design as well. The designer of the team, Mikael Abbhagen, is an experienced and well-known designer in Sweden. He designed the nozzle to look as a part of the faucet and made it easily able to switch between the two modes.

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Source: Altered: Nozzle

The nozzle easily fits into many kinds of taps and it takes just 30 seconds to install it. If you are not sure about the type and measure of your tap, you can determine it with a dime and nickel. Dime being the US Junior size and nickel being the US standard size.

Source: Altered: Nozzle

The Nozzle has five different color options as like blue, golden, chrome, white and brass. You can choose the one which is the most harmonious for your kitchen, bathroom or wherever you will use it.

The team explains why they altered the Nozzle in these words on their Kickstarter campaign page:

“There are already millions of faucets in the world. That’s why we've developed the Altered:Nozzle to easily install into your existing faucet in just 30 seconds. By altering your existing faucet, rather than buying a whole new one, we get the same effect at a fraction of the cost. It also means lots and lots more people can buy our product. And that, in turn, means we can save a lot more water which is kind of the point. Saving money. Saving resources. Saving water. Sounds good to us!”

If you want to have this cool and smart design to save water and the World, you can order one here and support a solution to our water shortage.

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