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Trakdot Luggage is created for safe travel and is as big as your palm, in order to fit easily in any suitcase or bag. The luggage locator system delivers information about where the checked baggage is, even if the Trakdot marked bag does not reach the desired destination.

trakdot[Image Source: Trackdot]

Here is how the device works. You have to register it on the Trakdot website and put it in your bag (or whatever you hold your baggage in), it will deliver location information directly to your mobile device via SMS or email. Which means that it is not necessary to have a smartphone to receive the information from Trakdot Luggage. Alternatively, travelers can track their luggage on or use the free Trakdot Luggage application. An additional app alerts passengers when their baggage approaches on the carousel, making it easier than ever for them to find their bag.

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The product will be available in March 2013 for $49.95 with an activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99 and for your money you receive, except the Trakdot Luggage device, also a luggage tag and batteries. It works globally with any cell phone or SMS enabled device for a low annual price. Each device can be linked to multiple phones, and each phone can track multiple devices (as with family applications). Another good option is that Trakdot Luggage owners can track their bags on the web at using a secure log-in.

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