Amazon Answers Musk's Taunt With a 13-Page List of SpaceX Lawsuits

Who will flinch first?
Ameya Paleja
Amazon defends Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos.jetcityimage/iStock

It is no secret that Jeff Bezos is not content with the recent contracts awarded to SpaceX. His company Blue Origin has made counteroffers to NASA and approached the courts to stop it from happening. 

Recently, Elon Musk vented about it at a conference by saying, "you cannot sue your way to the Moon." In return, Bezos' other company, Amazon, put together and published a list of litigations SpaceX has filed in the past, The Verge reported. 

Musk's outbursts are not new. He has been very vocal about Bezos' alleged copying SpaceX's ideas and not being very good at it. Amazon's Project Kuiper has plans to offer satellite-based internet services as well but progress has been slow. While SpaceX has launched over 1,500 satellites so far, Amazon's plans still appear to be on paper, with little activity on the ground as well. Instead, the company has written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to halt the second generation of Starlink satellites, Ars Technica reported earlier this month. 

Blue Origin has also sued NASA for the Lunar Lander contract award, which is likely a delay tactic. Recently, NASA retorted that Blue Origin had 'gambled away' its chance to build the lander. But after Musk pointed out that lawsuits do not make for successful space missions, Amazon sent a 13-page document listing SpaceX's past lawsuits to The Verge.

The document that is now in the public domain, categorizes 39 of SpaceX's actions into three areas: litigation, protests with the Government Accountability Office, and oppositions filed with the FCC. Amazon has also made detailed notes with regards to each action and the stance SpaceX has taken in attempts to vindicate its own position. What is interesting is that the document was sent to The Verge without any solicitation or any request for comments. 

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