Amazon hosts a first in Quantum computing: Aquila, a neutral-atom Quantum computer

It will be hosted in the cloud, the first neutral-atom processor at Amazon.
Stephen Vicinanza
Aquila Processor Interior
Aquila Processor interiors.


  • Aquila is a neutral-atom quantum computer that can run 256 qubits.
  • One of the fastest computers ever built
  • AWS is one of the largest cloud services globally

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hosting Aquila, a quantum computer (processor) in its special cloud service called Amazon Braket.

This is a first for quantum computing, This is the first publicly available neutral atom quantum computer anywhere. There are other types of quantum computers that are accessible over the cloud, and there are other neutral atom machines accessible to only private clients. Making neutral atom quantum technology publicly available is a first. The company providing the quantum computer is QuEra, and it has been working in partnership with Amazon's AWS for some time.

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