Amsterdam Gets Sustainable Urinals to Reduce Public Peeing

The urine is turned into clean water or fertilizer.
Fabienne Lang

Let's be honest, you've either witnessed or been involved in public urination. It's not a pretty sight, nor is it good for the surrounding areas (think dying grass or corrosion of buildings). 

A company in the Netherlands called Urban Senses has created GreenPee as a solution to this particularly pressing issue. The GreenPee is a sustainable urinal, which has sprouting plants on the top. It blends in and is good for the environment.

It looks like a traditional planter, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice the openings on the sides for the "relieving" part of the process. 


Amsterdam is going green

Currently, there are 12 GreenPees stationed around Amsterdam in well-known public peeing hotspots, as per CNN

The main head behind this invention is Richard de Vries, who is an environmental psychologist. 

What's great about these green urinals is that they serve a number of purposes and bring about a number of benefits. For instance, they protect buildings around the city that had started to corrode due to the continual acidity landing on them caused by urine, and they minimize water consumption required for traditional toilet systems. 

Moreover, GreenPees attract bees and other little insects given they have plants growing on them, which makes the city more green. 

Amsterdam Gets Sustainable Urinals to Reduce Public Peeing
You'll notice how well the GreenPees blend in with the city, Source: GreenPee

But the true pièce de résistance is the fact that the urine doesn't just sit there going to waste, it can be processed to create clean water as well as organic fertilizer.

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As per the GreenPee website, the urinals can be checked by operators either manually or via a smart sensor that lets them know when to empty them. 

You can order two different kinds of urinals at the moment, either a single one or a double one, and can choose the color and the type of plant(s) you wish to have on them.

Not only do these urinals look good and green, but they're also extremely useful.  

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