Android Users Can Now Select Incognito Mode While Using Google Maps

Privacy is all the rage and now people's location and search history no longer need to be saved.
Fabienne Lang

In May earlier this year, Google unveiled that its Incognito mode and that would be moving to Android devices. The feature doesn't save your searches and browsing history.

Living up to their promise, the setting is now available for Android users. 

The company shared the announcement on Thursday via their support page


How does Incognito mode work?

It's nice and simple: any of your searches on Google Maps no longer show up in your browser history. You're safe if anyone chooses to look through your previous searches. 

Once it's enabled, your data won't be used to personalize Maps, your location history, and your shared location won't show up either. 

Typically, when you jump onto Google Maps, you see suggestions that are tailored to your past searches. These sometimes include addresses, but also coffee shops, restaurants or retail shops. These suggestions will no longer show up, and you can personalize your maps to your actual liking. 

Google does warn though, that "turning on Incognito mode in Maps does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search, and other Google services." 

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So even if you're keen, or even just curious to test out the setting, you may choose to not use it permanently.

If you have a device that can enable Incognito mode, it's quite simple to add it. You simply open Google Maps, click on your profile picture and click 'Turn on Incognito mode." Switching it off is easy too. You click on 'Turn off Incognito mode."

It's currently only available for Android users, but will soon be available for iPhone owners too.

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