Claude, a new AI chatbot is built by ex-OpenAI employees

It is helpful, honest, and harmless says the company.
Ameya Paleja
Claude is the new ChatGPT like chatbot but from Anthropic
Claude is the new ChatGPT like chatbot but from Anthropic


Anthropic, founded by former OpenAI employees Daniela and Dario Amodei, has launched its own artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, dubbed Claude. Anthropic has tested the chatbot with other tech companies like DuckDuckGo, Quora, and Notion and is now open to working with other clients looking to incorporate a "helpful" chatbot into their products.

Following OpenAI's success with ChatGPT, it might appear that any other chatbot might be a lost cause now. Google's attempt at showcasing its Bard AI fell flat after the chatbot gave an incorrect answer during a public demo. While Microsoft has been aggressive in pushing GPT-powered AI in its own products, Anthropic's careful announcement of the arrival of its chatbot exudes confidence in the product.

How Anthropic built Claude

Anthropic was founded in 2021 by people who left OpenAI, which included the lead engineer for GPT-3, Tom Brown. So, there are many similarities in the technology that was used to train it. However, the founders claim that they have used a list of rules and principles to train the AI model, which they refer to as Constitutional AI.

Interesting Engineering has previously reported how users managed to break into Microsoft's Bing chatbot's initial rules and made it reveal them. Such behavior was something that even made the chatbot a bit defensive and irritated later on.

Claude, a new AI chatbot is built by ex-OpenAI employees
Machine are learning with any human intervention

Claude, as Anthropic claims, has been trained to be helpful and politely refuse to reply to questions that might be harmful. According to a webpage on the company's website, it achieved this by further training the chatbot during its reinforcement learning (RL) phase with another preference model to make the chatbot harmless but also non-evasive.

To test Claude's effectiveness, Anthropic offered companies access to the chatbot. Among them, DuckDuckGo is using the technology to launch a search tool for its users. Google has also found the technology quite useful and invested $300 million in Anthropic late last year.

Now, Anthropic has launched Claude in two variants, Standard and Instant, with the latter offering a faster, lighter, and cheaper way to integrate AI into products. Anthropic suggests that the chatbot could be put to task across search, customer service, sales, as well as back-office work to begin with.

Claude is designed to be self-contained and has no internet access. For improvements, prompts are the best way to teach Claude what is required out of a task. Additionally, it can also be assigned a personality and a tone, something even Microsoft is working into its chatbot.

It will be interesting to see a new chatbot enter the fray and see how Microsoft plans to tackle it.

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