Apple's self-driving car debut pushed back and may be less advanced

The car will allegedly have less ambitious self-driving capabilities initially and it's debut date has been pushed back to 2026.
Fabienne Lang
Driverless car
Driverless car


Apple's ambitious electric vehicle (EV) will allegedly have fewer self-driving capabilities for its launch date, the latter of which has been pushed back by a year, from 2025 to 2026, according to a Bloomberg report.

The company's ambitious self-driving car plans seem to chop and change at a whim but at least it'll cost under $100,000 when it's finally on the market.

The car is still in the pipeline and is reported to be set up with more conventional car features and designs than other autonomous EVs. Think: steering wheel and pedals, per Bloomberg who first reported on the change of debut date and scaling back of the car's self-driving capabilities.

Info about the Apple Car

The car project, known as Titan within Apple, doesn't plan on having a fully autonomous system, per The Verge. Instead, its self-driving features will only be able to be activated while it is driving on highways, unlike Tesla's self-driving options.

As we previously reported, the car is rumored to be set up with a custom-made carOS, with predictions that Apple is developing a software platform that can control every aspect of the car's function. This operating system will work to enhance the navigation features, entertainment and informative features, and also the sensors that help with data processing. 

It will allegedly be kitted out with the neural processing unit M1 SoC (System on Chip), which will help analyze road conditions along with driver input. The company is also reportedly planning to develop a Domain Control Unit (DCU) with the help of a Korea-based company. The DCU should also house the self-driving sensor of the rumored Apple Car.

Unlike Tesla, though, Apple’s self-driving system will rely on lidar and radar sensors, and only be available on highways.

All in all, the self-driving car has the potential to sell 1.5 million units.

Apple's latest changes

However, no units will be sold until at least 2026, as Apple pushed back the car's release date by at least a year. On top of that, the car's self-driving capabilities will initially be scaled back.

However, to throw some good news into the mix, the car's starting price has apparently dropped from over $120,000 down to under $100,000.

The Apple Car rumors are still flying high and nothing has yet been confirmed by Apple itself. Ultimately, no specific release date that has been shared publicly by the tech giant and no specifics have been voiced. At this stage, only AI-designed concepts of the car – not created by Apple – have circulated, so there's no way of knowing what the new car will look like.

Once rumors turn to reality, the hope is that there will be a new self-driving car on the market, to join the ranks of Tesla's EVs, GM's Super Cruise, and Ford's Blue Cruise. And if the AI-designed concepts of the future Apple Car are anything to go by, it'll look like the sleek Batmobile. Only time will tell, so for now we can only sit tight and wait to receive more information from Apple itself.

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