Apple iPhone Event 2018 Unveils Watches That Tackle Falls

Apple's Watch Series 4 line of smartwatches feature podcast streaming, larger screens and fall detection systems.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In a much-awaited and live-streamed event at its Cupertino, California, headquarters on Wednesday, September 12, Apple revealed several new albeit familiar products.

First of which was its Apple Watch Series 4 line of smartwatches.

Although still the same product, the new model featured a recognizable overhaul. Two new sizes were introduced, 40mm and 44mm, both featuring a 30% larger display that went from edge to edge.


But perhaps the biggest changes were inside the watch. Amongst the upgraded features are a new built-in EKG scanner, a new custom-designed dual-core 64-bit S4 processor, an updated accelerometer and a gyroscope.

More impressively, the improved watches will now feature incredible health-tracking abilities that will put the old light-based heart monitor found in earlier models to shame. These new models will be able to perform all previous health-related tasks as well as also detect when their wearer is falling.

Yes, you heard right. The watches can detect incoming falls.

Apple iPhone Event 2018 Unveils Watches That Tackle Falls
Source: Apple

Finally, the watches will come with watchOS 5, the latest Apple operating system for smartwatches which has updates for the workout tool, offers podcast streaming while exercising, and novel improvements that avoid information overload. 

However, despite all these new features, the watch’s battery life would remain at a steady 18 hours. Now that is efficient engineering!