Apple Is Being Laughed at for Its $1,000 Computer Screen Stand

Apple received a few groans and now social media roasts it for its $1,000 computer stand.
Fabienne Lang

On Monday, Apple launched its biggest conference of the year.

During the conference, John Ternus, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering presented the audience with Apple's shiny, new creations and updates. 

The Mac Pro, Apple's most powerful computer for professionals, was described in good detail by Apple executives, as was the 32-inch Pro Display XR monitor, or screen. The Mac Pro comes in at $6,000 and the monitor at $5,000. Both items were heftily cheered in and excitedly greeted.


What was unveiled after was welcomed with a few groans at best, and a single clap from one member of the audience. 

The Pro Stand.

It costs $1,000.

So, it came as no surprise that it was received with little exuberance, or none at all. 

A computer stand costing $1,000

Inevitably, the sentiment of the audience expanded to social media networks worldwide soon after. 

A stream of roasting comments, memes, images and video clips have arisen and gained rapid momentum by people aghast at the cost of the stand. 

Twitter and Reddit users had a field day. Here are some of their comments:

 We will have to wait until the Fall to have a proper sense of how well the stand sells and is received by consumers.  

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