Apple May Announce New Hardware Next Week, Possibly 'Good for Winter'

An internal memo with AppleCare+ suggests Apple may drop a new product next week.
Brad Bergan

Apple might drop some new hardware next week, according to an internal corporate memo obtained by MacRumors — which advises AppleCare technicians to prepare for new products.

The AppleCare+ memo said changes were coming on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 8:30 AM EST.

It's important to pace ourselves — it could be nothing, after all. But the clues at hand hint at forthcoming Apple hardware next week.


Apple may announce new products next week

Memos like these have leaked before, and typically precede a real-world announcement from the relevant company. Additionally, weeks ago a reliable leaker and Twitter account @L0vetodream said there will be new Apple hardware coming.

We don't want to sound superstitious, but we can read the signs.

Apple hardware possibilities

Most likely if there is an announcement, it will be hardware — not software — since the leaked memo was sent to AppleCare+ providers.

Reports say Apple has a few products in development, including AirTags, over-ear AirPods, and a new Apple TV. Any of these might be the main event, but The Next Web reports it will most likely be the new Apple TV.

Of course, it could be something else. But however surprised Apple enthusiasts might be, it'd be strange to release a big new product without a presentation.

AppleCare+ memo could also be about something boring

However, the new Apple TV is well-known, and ripe for a major upgrade. Apple doesn't need to come up with new reasons to make it appealing to consumers, since its value is obvious to most.

Additionally, the leaker who predicted this latest forthcoming Apple hardware said the product would be "good for winter." More than the other products under development, the Apple TV fits the bill as a snuggle-worthy addition to the imminent holiday season.

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While we're excited to see something many have waited for, the new hardware could also be something boring — like new laptop cases and charging cables. But these aren't the most likely, since such products generally don't call for AppleCare+ coverage.

Apple's AppleCare+ Memo

The AppleCare memo says changes are coming at 8:30 AM EST, on December 8. The last time Apple sent memos like this, we ended up with the release of the iPhone 12. This time slot typically sees Apple announce new Mac products — like the mid-2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch model, in addition to the 16-inch MacBook Pro we saw in late 2019. The second-gen Airpods were also announced at this time of day, in the first half of 2019, Digital Trends reports.

Notably, 8:30 AM EST is a strange time of day for product announcements, so we'll probably see a new post on Apple Newsroom — in place of a dedicated event — before or on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Another Mac would be most apt, but Apple might also announce a new gaming controller bundled with the Apple TV.

Apple's 2020 lineup set a new precedent

It goes without saying that Apple has hosted a lot of product events this year. This would be the fourth, after a long line of launches, including the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Fitness+, Apple One, and a new iPad Air and iPad.

In October, we saw the iPhone 12 along with its Pro counterpart, HomePod mini, and MagSafe accessories. Then, when everything seemed done for 2020, Apple came back in November with the Apple M1 debut during the "One More Thing" event.

Suffice to say Apple probably isn't done with 2020, and will likely announce a new product release in the coming days. But whether the AppleCare+ internal memo was about a new Apple TV or a simple laptop case, no one can say this was not a colossal year for the mobile phone superpower.

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