Apple Unveils FaceTime for Android and Windows Users

Apple's exciting revelations at WWDC 21 include FaceTime for everyone.
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Apple WWDC 2021FaceTime/App Store

Apple claimed the limelight during its June 7 WWDC 2021 event, during which it unveiled a number of exciting updates to its software. 

Following the company's recent Spring Loaded event, Apple fans and users enjoyed a number of new announcements at yesterday's, June 7, event. It's looking to be a good year for Apple users. 

Firstly, Apple showcased all its new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features, set to launch in the fall — and there are some goodies. 

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Packed with new features, perhaps one of the iOS 15's most anticipated points is the fact that FaceTime is now also available for Android and Windows users via a web link. More akin to Zoom now, FaceTime has also seen updates so users can share their screens, stream movies and listen to music simultaneously with all information shared on everyone's individual screen, have a blurred out background, a grid view, and spatial audio, among other additions. 

A number of other useful new features including improved notifications, emojis, and messaging styles are included in the iOS 15's update. 

Apple Unveils FaceTime for Android and Windows Users
The iPadOS 15's widgets and apps feature exciting updates. Source: Apple

The iPadOS 15 also brings users a better experience — now more similar to using a computer — than ever before. Multitasking has never been easier than with the iPadOS 15 Multitasking menu that lets the user "create a full screen, Slide Over, Split View, and a center window" so that they can work on a number of different apps at once. 

Widgets, the App Library, Quick Notes, and more have also been updated to create a seamless and smooth experience for the user. 

WatchOS 8

Apple also announced its watchOS 8 during the event, which further enhances its user's connectivity, health, and active lifestyle, and that will also be available in the fall. The updated Photos app, and text messaging system allow the user to stay connected in a more meaningful and exciting way, and new ways of staying centered and focused have been added to help create a healthier way of life. 

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Apple Unveils FaceTime for Android and Windows Users
Photos can now be front and center on the new watchOS 8 screen. Source: Apple

Now, users can save photos of their loved ones as a single portrait or as a photo grid collection as their watchOS 8's screen sent directly from their iPhone. And just one tap of the finger and photos can be shared directly via text or mail from the watch. All Apple Home devices can now be linked to the watchOS 8, so you know when and who is knocking at your front door, for instance, even if you're not there. 

The new Focus app helps the user stay in the present moment by blocking out distracting notifications. The user selects what they'd like to focus on, and whoever messages them will receive a "Focus Time" notification. 

A number of other features were announced at this year's WWDC 2021 event. This year has already seen some exciting updates from Microsoft, and now Apple, and it'll be great to see these new features implemented later this year. 

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