Apple Unveils Liam: The iPhone Eating Robot

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Along with the recent announcement of the iPhone SE, Apple also unveiled a team of iPhone disassembly robots named Liam. For a company that makes millions of phones each year, they have decided that recycling old parts needs to be more of a focus. The machine has 29 different arms that can extract precious elements from all of the different locations on the device. Currently, the manufacturing of iPhones is still mainly done by hand, but the company is seeking to automate the process in the near future.

suction cup removing iPhone face[Image Source: Apple Youtube]

"True innovation means considering what happens to a product at every stage of its lifecycle" claims Apple. Prior to this new recycling program many old iPhones would be sent to the landfill without harvesting valuable materials from them like gold, cobalt, and lithium.

Liam can scan the disassembled iPhone and chose which parts to save and discard, both saving money for the company and increasing its green initiative. The company claims that the machine can disassemble up to 350 phones in an hour, meaning a lot of recycled products. Check out Apple's video detailing the machine below.

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One of the most effective impacts this device will have is the removal of harmful lithium ion batteries from landfills and electronic dumps. The main goal of the machine is to remove everything of value from the broken or unwanted iPhones, helping both the environment and the companies bottom line. Along with the creation of this new recycling robot, you can now send your old iPhone into apple and they will send you a check for its value, if any.

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liam iPhone eating robot[Image Source: Apple Youtube]

Many may claim that this robot is too little too late, but it is certainly beneficial to the environment moving forward. As the world pushes for green tech and sustainable engineering, companies are using this to not only boost sales but also their marketing. Not having a green initiative will cause many consumers to shy away from purchasing a certain product now days.

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