Apple Unveils Big Updates Including "the Most Powerful Mac Ever"

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Much anticipation has been given to the Apple WWDC 2017 that began today, 5th of June, and will end on the 9th of June. Apple has so far revealed many new features for its iOS 11, macOS, and watchOS 4 as well as the highly anticipated Apple speaker or the HomePod.

Latest Apple WWDC 2017

[Image Source: Tim Cook via Twitter]

Apple's announcements

So, why is Apple WWDC 2017 such an important tech event for many people? It's essentially a software event, which gives the tech firm a chance to show external developers its plans about forthcoming releases. This then gives the third party developers a heads up on how they can incorporate the new features into their own apps. So far, here are some of the exciting Apple features (and hardware) we can expect.

iOS 11

A number of new significant features are coming from the latest iOS11 update. One of them is the Apple Pay, which enables users to conduct person-to-person payments via iMessage to other iOS users.

Siri is also getting a revamp with its new deep-learning powered voice sounding a little more natural. The personal assistant is now able to translate from English to other popularly spoken languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Other mostly used iOS features like the Camera, Photos, Maps, and Messages were also enhanced to improve the user interface. The updated iOS11 will be available this autumn.


Apple has revealed the macOS High Sierra for computers. The latest software includes a refined and safer Safari browser that will not allow websites to track its users. Moreover, videos will be blocked from automatically playing in Safari browsers. And for the very first time, an operating system, the High Sierra, will be compatible with virtual reality (VR).

iMac Pro

Although the highly anticipated hardware in this year's WWDC is the Siri speaker, Apple has also shared some sneak peeks to the iMac Pro. The tech firm promised that iMac Pro will be the "most powerful Mac ever" with its 18-core Xeon processor, Radeon Vega graphics, and up to 128GB of memory among many other specs. It will available in December and will cost $4,999.

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Apple Unveils Big Updates Including "the Most Powerful Mac Ever"

[Image Source: Apple]


Slightly unexpected but the tech firm also announced the new software called watchOS 4 for the Apple Watch. It will feature a Siri face capable of giving personalized advice as the day goes by.

iPad Pros

"We’ve been pushing the boundary of iPads, and today, we’re going to push them further than we ever have before", said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. The new iPad lines have new and enhanced display features like brighter and better color reproduction with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The new 10.5 inch with 64GB iPad will have a starting price of $649, and the 12.9 inch with 64GB iPad will be sold for $799.


Apple aims to "reinvent home music" and has revealed the "HomePod", which will have "spatial awareness", will "rock the house", and have a "Musicologist" within it. The speaker is controlled via natural voice interaction with Siri. We will have more details about the HomePod Siri-powered device soon.


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