Apple's iPhone SE 2 Price and Launch Date May Have Leaked

Apple's iPhone SE 2 might come out this March, before the iPhone 9 is released next year.
Brad Bergan

Rumors abound of a return of the iPhone SE 2, Apple's budget phone, and the latest suggests the handset could launch this March, according to a Gizmodo report.

iPhone SE 2 might come in March 2020

Reports say the iPhone SE 2 will be part of Apple's new upcoming line of smartphones, but this latest slipping snippet of tech gossip suggests the iPhone SE 2 won't debut until 2021, with the iPhone 9 moniker. Either way, iPhone users can expect to grasp the next generation of smartphone an entire year earlier than expected.

According to Fast Company, sources "near the iPhone supply chain" are passing notes on the device's release date and price, and even saying that production is picking up pace for a March launch date and that the price will likely be $399, with a £308 pricing conversion  — although this flies in the face of Apple's usual inter-market pricing policies.


Conflicting rumors of Touch ID

The original SE sold for £350, a low price for which Apple would need to scale back some of its more luxurious features. This has, in turn, fueled rumors of a comeback for Touch ID, which was also the subject of rumors for 2021.

If a March 2020 SE 2 release seems — or even feels — more than likely than not, it also feels at odds with the 2021 Touch ID release — the release date so many have been expecting in tandem with the SE 2 and iPhone 9 releases.

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The abundance of information received by major tech verticals might be hearsay, but lack of evidence is not — as the tired cliché rule goes — evidence of absence. While weighing options for the next best fit in iPhone upgrades, make sure to stay in-the-know here.

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