Apple's New Recycling Robot Can Disassemble 200 iPhones Per Hour

Apple's new iPhone recycling robot can take apart phones to collect precious materials.
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Apple has a new iPhone recycling robot that can take apart 200 iPhones in an hour. Called Daisy, the machine lets Apple recover materials from the phone traditional methods of recycling can't. Daisy can take apart nine different iPhone models from iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 Plus. 

Apple's New Recycling Robot Can Disassemble 200 iPhones Per Hour
Source: Apple

Apple introduced Daisy as part of a range of environmentally conscious decisions ahead of World Earth Day. Daisy was created from the same technology and even parts of Apple’s previous phone recycling robot, Liam. 

Daisy will operate in the U.S. and Europe

The first operational Daisy is located in Austin, a second Daisy will soon be located in the Netherlands. Apple hopes to expand the iPhone recycling initiative, they reportedly have plans to patent Daisy as well.

Apple's New Recycling Robot Can Disassemble 200 iPhones Per Hour
Source: Apple

Daisy is capable of disassembling and retrieving an iPhone's main logic board, speaker, and rear camera, among other components that contain high-quality materials. 

Apple's New Recycling Robot Can Disassemble 200 iPhones Per Hour
Source: Apple

“At Apple, we’re constantly working toward smart solutions to address climate change and conserve our planet’s precious resources,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. “In recognition of Earth Day, we are making it as simple as possible for our customers to recycle devices and do something good for the planet through Apple GiveBack. 

We’re also thrilled to introduce Daisy to the world, as she represents what’s possible when innovation and conservation meet.” Apple has also announced its GiveBack scheme. Apple is encouraging customers to return unwanted devices to Apple Stores for recycling. 

Customers can get cash for old phones

For every device they receive between today and April 30, the Silicon Valley giant will make a donation to Conservation International to support its efforts to preserve and protect the environment. Some devices returned will give customers credit to redeem in-store or put on an Apple Store Gift Card. 


To check if you are eligible for a reward head to Apple's website and answer the questions regarding your device. Apple also released its Environmental Responsibility Report as part of its Earth Day announcements. 

The report details Apple's commitment to the environment with particular focus on how the company is addressing climate change, conserving precious resources, and pioneering the use of safer materials in Apple's products and processes. 

Apple facilities powered by 100 percent clean energy

Last week the company announced that all its global facilities are now powered by 100 percent clean energy. This includes retail stores, offices, data centers and co-located facilities in 43 countries.

Although Apple continues to have a poor reputation in regards to how they treat the workers who actually make iPhones, the public face of the company is looking greener and greener. 

Apple's New Recycling Robot Can Disassemble 200 iPhones Per Hour
Source: Apple

Apple responds to Trumps policy

After U.S president, Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, Apple Announced it would be issuing a $1 billion green bond for environmental projects. This additional sum brought the total for the company up to $2.5 billion.

Via: Apple


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