Architect Designs Kevlar Bulletproof Scarf Head Covering

Trevor English

keffiye_take_1[Image Source: Salima Kadi]

We live in an increasingly dangerous world, which means that many are taking personal measures to protect themselves from attacks. One Beirut-based architect has created a head covering made from 16 layers of bulletproof kevlar. Called K29 001, it is Keffiyeh scarf which provides protection from all angles. The scarf was unveiled at the Beirut Design week, and it resembles many garments currently worn in the middle east.

protection covering[Image Source: Salima Kadi]

Even though the scarf is made from kevlar, the extent of protection it would give you from the force of a bullet impact is still in question. However, it seems the piece is meant more symbolically than it is literally. Architect Salim-Kadi says this about his design:

"This project explores the potential of Kevlar as a powerful material designed to resist bullets and similar flying projectiles. having been smiggled into Lebanon, the length of Kevlar was transformed into a supple textile in the lap of a woman in Ain al-Hilweh, who embroidered a traditional pattern uppon it whilst preserving the structural integrity of its fibers."

The combination of the engineering behind kevlar fibers and the backstory of how this piece was created and assembled gives it a unique feel. Something so protective also symbolizes the incredible danger that many go through on a daily basis.

"By wrapping it around one's head, the weave's performance is increased through the layering of material and multi-directionality of the weave. it aquires a familiar symbolism upon the battlefield."

back bulletproof covering[Image Source: Salima Kadi]

While designs like this may not be the most practical in actual use, they demonstrate how engineering and design can be combined to evoke emotion and incite change.

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