This Augmented Reality App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Virtual Ruler

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A video of an augmented reality app that can virtually measure real-life objects went viral online a couple of months ago. The said app used Apple's recently released ARkit tool that targets software developers who are looking to create augmented reality apps for iOS devices. Now, the AR Measure app has been released by the software developer Laan Labs on their website for beta testing.

The AR Measure app is now in beta testing stage

In this current millennial generation, smartphones are typically used for trivial purposes like taking selfies and taking photos of food. Yes, those things could get quite irritating especially when you see them eagerly executed in public places. But thanks to the development of augmented reality technology, smartphone cameras could have a more useful purpose in the near future apart from just capturing dog-filtered selfies.

Laan Labs has released their augmented reality tape measure prototype app for beta testing on their website. The AR Measure app converts a phone's camera into a virtual ruler that anyone can readily use anytime and anywhere. By simply pointing a phone to a target object and clicking on a starting point, the app will measure the desired dimension of the object. "The app uses the power of Augmented Reality to measure the distance between points in 3D space", said the app's website. This means that virtually anything that exists in 3D space can be measured by the AR Measure app.

AR Measure app ruler on a stool

[Image Source: AR Measure]

At the moment, the AR Measure app is flawed with some degree of accuracy in its measurement skill. So, at this beta test stage of the app, it can't safely claim that it's able to replace tangible measuring tools such as a traditional tape measure, rulers, calipers, etc. However, with Apple's intention to be the largest augmented reality platform for software developers to create apps from, the AR Measure app could be refined in its future versions for a more sophisticated and accurate measuring output.

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This Augmented Reality App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Virtual Ruler

[Image Source: AR Measure]

This type of virtual measuring tape is ideal for domestic renovation projects and other small jobs that require impromptu measurements. Or when you forget to bring your measuring tape to the store and want to gauge if the furniture you want to buy would fit the space you have at home. With the AR Measure app, you can just easily whip out your phone and start measuring. It's something to look forward to in the future in terms of augmented reality technology.

Laan Labs is a software development group that provides bespoke audio and visual applications services. They were the group that created the popular Face Swap Live iOS app as well as other highly ranked apps including iVideoCamera, TapDJ, SonarRuler, AR Soccer, and much more.

According to the AR Measure website, the full version of the app will be available the same time as when iOS 11 is released by Apple this coming fall.

Sources: AR Measure, Laan Labs

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