Australia is investing in new and improved bomb disposal robots

The new machines will keep military personnel safe while disarming explosives.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Representational image of the new robots.jpg
Representational image of the new robot.


The Australian government has signed a $46 million contract with Queensland company L3Harris Micreo to develop new bomb disposal robots. The deal will see up to 80 new explosive ordnance disposal robots engineered for Australia’s defense personnel, according to an article published on Friday by the Australian Defense Magazine.

The robots will be specially equipped with cameras and sensors that are designed to find, examine and neutralize explosive devices and hazards.

The new technology will replace the current in-service robots, operational in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It will now ensure that Australian military personnel are kept safe while disarming bombs.

Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy revealed details of the new deal on a visit to Cairns.

“Cairns will have a vital role to play in our future national security, as we reshape and modernize the Australian Defence Force to prepare for the strategic circumstances we face," Conroy said.

“As the Defence Strategic Review makes clear, we need to improve the Defence Force’s ability to operate from Australia’s northern bases, which includes Cairns.

“A genuine partnership between the Government and defense industry companies, including in Queensland, will be critical. 

“The new robots for the Australian Defence Force, to be made in Queensland, are an example of building our local industry and workforce on innovative technologies.”

Strengthening the country's bases

The government has ambitious plans to strengthen Australia’s northern bases, in response to the Defence Strategic Review. In order to achieve this mission, it will invest over $3.8 billion over four years in operations that include upgrades and development of critical airbases and maritime estate investments including HMAS Cairns.  

“Far North Queensland is the gateway to the pacific and it is great to see our Government committed to the improvement of our defence capabilities as we look to the future of the Australian Defence Force," Queensland Senator, Nita Green said.

“I am also pleased to have Minister Conroy in Cairns today touring our shipyards and highlighting our Government’s $150 million investment in the Cairns Marine Precinct," Green told the Australian Defense Magazine.

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