Bacon-Scented Face Mask Now Up For Grabs

This is the motto: "Don't just eat bacon. Inhale it."
Fabienne Lang
Black Label Bacon face maskHormel Foods

Don't you just love the smell of bacon in the morning? Now you can be in "bacon bliss" no matter where you are thanks to Hormel Foods' Black Label Breathable Bacon face mask.

Hormel takes face masks to a whole other level in what the company calls "a revolutionary face mask featuring the latest in pork-scented technology."

For the bacon lovers out there, this is your lucky month: You can win your very own Hormel face mask from today until October 28th. What's more, the company will donate up to 10,000 meals to Feeding America with every request.

Just head to this webpage to do so.


"Not a mask"

"It's not a mask. It's a bacon-scented, irresistibly breathable, two-ply, multi-fiber, smellicious innovation. For your face." 

Revolutionary advertising for a face mask—or for bacon! But, we have to hand it to Hormel, they've caught our attention.

It's also a great encouragement to move more people to wear face masks regularly. Those who love bacon, that is. It could certainly have the reverse effect for any vegetarians or vegans, that's for sure.

It's a pretty simple concept: You get to indulge in the smell of Holmer's Black Label bacon wherever you wish to go. 

Will this be your 'it' accessory?

Given how prominent sales of face masks have risen this year, it's no surprise that companies such as Hormel Foods are looking for innovative ways to sell some.

"We’re continually focused on innovation – from new products, to marketing and distribution – all in an effort to deliver new and exciting ways to experience and enjoy Black Label Bacon," said Nick Schweitzer, senior brand manager at Hormel Black Label Bacon, to Penn Live.

"In 2020, that means connecting everyone’s favorite bacon scent to the year’s ‘it’ accessory, and in doing so, bring Black Label Bacon closer to our fans," he continued.

This year, we've seen face masks that mimick facial expressions as emojis, perfectly-fitted one with better filtration systems, and artistic movie representations created—all in the name of health and safety. 

So why not enjoy the smell of bacon wrapped around your face as you go about your day?


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