This new battery backup system can power your house during a blackout

It can also work on solar and keep your lights on for a week.
Ameya Paleja
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Worried about a blackout during extreme weather? San Francisco-based EcoFlow Tech offers a battery backup system that can now power your home for an entire week and this includes heavy appliances like washing machines, coffee machines, and hairdryers too. The system is completely portable and can also be used to power your RV during an off-road trip.

The massive battery packs on electric vehicles not only deliver high range but also serve as a battery backup in case of an outage. While such a feature is handy in case of a short-term outage, the EV battery or even a gas-powered generator can severely fall short of requirements during outages caused by extreme weather.

Energy solutions such as Tesla Powerwall, which can be recharged using energy from sunlight but EcoFlow Tech is taking it a step further by delivering a power backup system that is entirely portable.

A portable energy storage solution

At the heart of EcoFlow's long-term energy storage solution is the Delta Pro portable power station. Equipped with a variety of power outlets ranging from USB-A to a 30A socket, the Delta Pro can handle anything electrical appliance, whether it is smart or heavy duty, and can deliver up to 7,200 W of AC output.

Users looking for higher energy storage solutions need to only buy multiple units of the Delta Pro, which can team up to store up to 25kWh of energy. Two Delta Pros can be hooked up using a Dual Voltage hub, whose generator cord can then be plugged into an inlet box to power up your house using stored energy.

When it comes to charging the batteries, EcoFlow Tech has provided a range of options starting from the humble wall socket in your home to the fast charging stations used by EVs. A Delta Pro can charge in as little as 1.8 hours from a wall socket, but that's exactly what will be missing in action during an outage, EcoFlow Tech has added options such as a 1600 W solar panel (to be bought separately) that can get the job done as well.

How much does it cost?

Bringing home the EcoFlow Tech can be a bit pricey since the Delta Pro itself costs $3,499, to begin with. As you increase the energy storage capacity and add up to a week of essential power, the investment rises to $6,199. Two Delta Pros with four extra batteries from EcoFlow Tech will cost you $16,999 and this does not include the cost of solar panels needed to charge them up.

This new battery backup system can power your house during a blackout
The solution is portable and can be used outdoors too

This might seem like a massive burn on the pocket as compared to the conventional generator that can help you out. However, the generator will also send out carbon emissions and make quite a noise, while EcoFlow Tech's solution does nothing of that sort. Rather the company uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) for its batteries which are environment-friendly and can even work with only solar if you set them up to do so.

For those, who are looking at renewables to reduce their energy bills, EcoFlow Tech has another solution called the Smart Control Kit that can help you direct power to your appliances from the Delta Pros when energy prices are high and recharge the batteries when prices are low.

Just in case, you forget, the entire system consists of just batteries and short cables and be moved around wherever you go.

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