Beaches in Dubai get smart thanks to the Smart Palm

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Dubai is a country that is well-known for engineering and design feats when it comes to boosting tourism and now the beaches are about to get smart palm trees. The Smart Palm will offer beach goers high speed Wi-Fi for free along with providing them with up to date weather information and a charging station for devices.


[Image Source: Smart Palm]

Many beaches in Dubai will make use of the palms, there is going to be a total of 103 of the Smart Palms installed. The palms will be available on all of the public beaches before the end of the year. Sitting under a palm tree in the shade will now not only help to keep you cool but also keep your device charged. The Smart Palm is said to be an electronic palm tree by the designers as it provides smart services to people on the beach. The tree has a touchscreen that shows information which includes information about Dubai in general along with the beach. Other information includes the sea conditions, the amenities in the region and transportation.


[Image Source: Smart Palm]

The Smart Palms are around six meters in height and have been designed in the shape of the date palm. Each of the palm trees is able to offer support for 50 users at any one time and comes with 8 recharging points for devices, multimedia displays and public announcement system. The trees are linked up to a central control centre which will be monitored 24/7. The palms also feature an emergency button along with a CCTV infrared camera offering a view of 360 degrees. The trees are also self-sufficient as they have a mono crystal solar panel which provides as much as 21% efficiency.

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Photovoltaic panels provide power to the Smart Palm by way of panels shaped to fit the leaves and they offer all the power for each of the palms. Each of the palm trees can support charging for up to eight mobile phone chargers and offer seating along with tables for beach goers to relax while their devices are charging. They are also capable of charging smartphones up to 2.5 times faster than regular speed.

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