Become Your True Self with Lumen the Metabolism Tracker

Lumen uses time and tested science to get you back into shape.
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Created: 4/29/2020

If you are interested in being able to track your metabolism like a pro or just get back into shape, there are quite a few devices and solutions out there. But, one of the most notable, and effective for that matter, is a product called Lumen.

Lumen is an amazing kit and it comes with an accompanying application that allows you to analyze your metabolism in a single breath. The app will not only provide you with insights into how your body is using energy but it will also provide daily personalized meal plans to help you reach your target weight.

Read on to find out more. 


The physical device is handheld, portable, and has been scientifically proven to provide accurate measurements of human metabolism. The science behind it was originally only available for top athletes and in hospitals and clinics, but it is now available to the general public. 

It will also act as a personal digital nutritionist to enable you to get the most out of your workouts. The initial results, and your ongoing progress, will likely astound you with a product like Lumen

While you may believe that your metabolism is either fast or slow, the truth is it changes day by day. It is especially affected by factors like your diet, the amount of exercise you get, and, of course, how much worthwhile sleep you are getting.

In fact, these are the basic fundamental components of your lifestyle that the device and app have been specifically built to handle. It is simply ideal for anyone who is interested in: 

  • Losing weight the right way.
  • Getting in control of their diet for a better lifestyle.
  • Want to get fit and improve their overall physical performance.
  • Get to the weight they want to be and keep that weight off.

How does Lumen work?

The science behind the technology, and iOS/Android app, is actually nothing new. But its novel application certainly is. 

lumen will get you into shape
Source: Lumen

Lumen's handheld, and portable, the device uses CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine, funnily enough, the concentration of the gas as your exhale. Using this information, it is possible to extrapolate the type and efficiency of fuel your body is using to metabolize at that particular point in time.

When you use the device you are instructed to inhale a fixed volume of air through the device. This is, as you can imagine, is a dynamic process for each individual. 

The user is asked to hold their breath for 10 seconds and exhale fully -- much like when performing lung function tests in medical facilities.

If the results show a relatively high amount of COin a person's exhaled breath, this is usually indicative of their body burning mainly carbohydrates. If relatively low, this tends to indicate they are currently running on fat. 

Lumen's system is grounded on a more traditional metabolism testing process called respiratory exchange ratio (RER). Such diagnostic testing is usually a time-consuming process and requires attendance at a hospital or clinic. 

Become Your True Self with Lumen the Metabolism Tracker
Source: Lumen

RER, as the name suggests, generates a ratio of gases within a patient's exhaled air. The reference point is the composition of the ambient air in which the test is performed. 

Since animals, like human beings, inhale oxygen from the air, then assimilate some of it, and exhale leftover oxygen and carbon dioxide, the concentrations of these gases can be compared to the surrounding air concentrations. 

By comparing the two gas mixtures, the ratio determined by RER can then be used to estimate a patient's respiratory quotient (RQ). This ratio basically reveals the amount of carbon dioxide being produced by the patient's body relative to the amount of oxygen the body is consuming. 

For reference, RQs of around 0.7 would indicate the metabolism of fats (lipids). If the subject's body is metabolizing proteins, an RQ value of around 0.8 would be observed.

Carbohydrate metabolism should show a result of around 1.0

But this would be in a perfect world. Most of the time the human body would be metabolizing a mixture of carbohydrates and fats and so would yield a result similar to protein, at 0.8

Lumen is built on the shoulders of this established technology as the core data point of its analytics. But the process has been miniaturized and automated to enable a similar diagnostic to be performed from the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or anywhere you like. 

How much does Lumen cost?

This all sounds great but at the end of the day, money talks. So how much does this technology cost?

At the time of writing, Lumen is currently offering their product at a special limited time offer of $299. Its normal retail price is $349.

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Source: Lumen

You can even scale up your savings by ordering more devices at a time with an additional saving of 10% for every order in excess of a single unit. Shipping is free worldwide but orders outside of the US may be subject to non-US customs levies and taxes. 

Each product comes with a 1-year guarantee and a 14-day return policy (not that you will use it). 

For the exchange of your hard-earned cash, you will get: 

  • Their amazing patent-pending portable device.
  • A wonderfully designed charging dock and USB-C cable. 
  • A handy travel case, it is portable after all.
  • Lumen membership to their app, and;
  • Access to their amazing customer support services.

So, if you are interested in getting your personal health and fitness back on track, why not grab yourself a Lumen today? The future of your fitness and wellbeing awaits!

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