9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023

Check out some of the best AI-powered technology at this year's Consumer Technology Association (CES) event in Las Vegas.
Christopher McFadden
Check out the best AI-powered stuff at CES 2023.

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  • The 2023 Consumer Technology Association's (CES) annual event is once again in full flow in Las Vegas.
  • Technology innovators, large and small, have come out in force to show off their latest offerings.
  • Of particular interest are those that are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)

The Consumer Technology Association (CES) has begun its 2023 showcase of the latest and greatest in technology from around the world. Vendors this year range from purveyors of the latest in 3D printing to fintech and everything in between.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming ever more sophisticated and widespread, it should be no surprise that there are quite a few AI-powered offerings this year too.

What are some of the best AI applications from CES 2023?

So, without further ado, here are some of the most interesting AI-based technologies from CES 2023. Rest assured that these are just a few of the many choices available and shouldn't be seen as all of them.

Also, the list is in no particular order.

1. The Machine Vision Bedsore Management Mat is also anti-aging

9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023
This new AI-driven bed helps reduce bedsores.

The Machine Vision Bedsore Management Mat, called Bedsore-M, is a bedsore management tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to track patients' laying positions and quantify them correctly to prevent bedsores.

According to its developers, it was "developed to provide bedsore-related diseases treatment through ‘machine-learned bedsore analyses’ and customized anti-aging skin and sleeping posture solution."

Based on its own machine-learned "Bedsore-M #1 algorithm," Bedsore-M analyzes lying posture and position data using a machine vision camera and piezoelectric sensors. The company claims this approach has a 98 percent accuracy rate.

Bedsore-M point out that machine learning data is quicker and has diagnostic precision on par with that of professionals.

The best part is that you can prevent the need for more expensive equipment- and of course, bedsores.

2. CATI is an AI-driven companion for your kids

9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023
CATI could be your child's newest best friend.

CATI is the first multi-turn conversational AI companion for kids ages 2 to 5 that combines a cuddly plush robot with an extremely tailored AI and improved child voice recognition.

This all-in-one solution aims to give parents peace of mind by reducing disputes over screen time while engaging children in amusing and educational back-and-forth discussion that fosters their language, social, and cognitive development.

It examines speech data and informs parents when it discovers anything novel or exceptional about a youngster. It is claimed that CATI will become your child's best friend and provide parents with instant access to vital information.

3. Re;memory helps lessen the blow of a loss in the family

9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023
Re;memory could be revolutionary for the bereaved.

Re;memory is an AI-powered solution that enables bereaved families to communicate with and meet their deceased loved ones by creating a digital twin.

This AI-powered device aims to help lessen the impact of the loss of a significant other or other loved one in the users' life. Its developer's claim it can be used to communicate in both directions, despite the normal drawbacks of one-way messaging, like audio or video recordings of your loved ones.

In doing so, grieving family members are comforted by the digital avatars of the departed to provide something more interactive to pay their respects to the dead.

Families who have lost a loved one can use the device to stay connected to them through the use of AI. It does this through the input of video messages, video letters, and memorial videos that can be played whenever a bereaved family member wants to remember and grieve in their own way.

4. This invention is an AI-powered smart baby bassinet

Developed by Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd, this artificial intelligence (AI) powered smart baby bassinet connects to smartphone apps to allow carers to monitor and display a baby's health data, including heart rate, breathing rate, cry detection, and other environmental conditions.

Integrating "Baby cry detection technology," the bassinet features voice recognition technology and monitoring of vital signs through remote-photoplethysmography (rPPG), a non-contact technology that uses facial images and audio signals collected through a camera attached to the bassinet.

5. TONEWORK is your own personal makeup artist

9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023
TONEWORK might be the only makeup gadget you ever need.

TONEWORK is a smart manufacturing method that uses robot arms and AI to produce personalized cosmetics. Tonework uses robotics to create customized cosmetics, such as foundations and lipstick, after carefully analyzing the tone of the face using AI algorithms.

The device offers optimum color recommendations based on color science and facial and emotion recognition technology studies.

Customers can use the Authentic Color Master algorithm to determine their perfect makeup color with TONEWORK, a "science-driven bespoke beauty line that values individuality".

To suggest the best makeup color, this AI-driven technology does precise color analysis in 3,448 locations of the face while also utilizing facial recognition technology to analyze emotions.

The service can also be merged with the TONEWORK alchemist, a fully automated multi-category cosmetic manufacturing device, to rapidly produce various personalized products, making TONEWORK what the manufacturer hopes will be the beauty industry's next leading bespoke makeup solution.

6. TTcare could help spot pet health problems early

9 of the best AI applications from CES 2023
TTcare could help keep your pets fighting fit.

The pet healthcare software TTcare can identify illnesses and other health problems. Its AI software analyses the image after you take a picture of your dog or cat and alerts you to any potential eye, skin, or other common concerns.

To follow up and ask questions, pet owners can also participate in virtual consultations with veterinarians. Using this preventive care, pets can receive faster treatment, extending their lives and improving their quality of life.

The AI-powered app uses patent-pending technology; it was developed by collecting data from animals and veterinary experts to refine it over the years with a data set including a large number of trials and errors.

The company behind it, AI FOR PET, is a Korean young start-up founded in 2020 and describe themselves as continuing "to learn and explore different paths for what we think would be the best way forward for our beloved companions. 

"We know that nothing is guaranteed in our endeavors, yet we all know that there are some things that we can do for our pet companions to help them live a healthier, happier life, and we thrive to be that channel between our beloved companions," stated their site.

7. Mindbank lets you store yourself for future generations to talk to

Mindbank is an interesting AI-powered app that lets you "store" your consciousness, ready to be accessed by future generations after your death. Inspired by the creator's observation of his daughter talking to Siri, Mindbank has been designed to develop a Siri-like application to allow conversation with the dead.

"Today she speaks to Siri, but one day in the future, I want her to speak to me like this even if I’m not alive,” Mindbank's founder says.

"Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted guardians of your AI Digital Twin and move the human race forward. Humanity’s next evolutionary step is to combine ourselves with Ai and move humanity forward, so we are no longer bound by anything," explained Mindbank.

"As you create your AI Digital Twin you’ll go on a lifelong journey of personal discovery and growth that will allow you to reach your full potential."

So, how does it work? According to Mindbank, its app provides the following functions:

  • Guided questions make it easier for your digital twin to learn about your life story so you can use data to live eternally. Each response brings it one step closer to becoming you.
  • With the use of advanced cognitive analysis, you'll be able to learn important insights about each response and comprehend how your mind functions.
  • Each response will aid in sharpening your thinking and enable you to consider the past. With each interaction, you'll develop your inner fortitude and courage.
  • Your data is saved using a distributed ledger, making it exceedingly impossible for someone to steal your personal information or use it to identify you.
  • Although initially offered in English and Spanish, it will eventually support more than 46 languages.

8. "HEY MIRROR" could be the only smart mirror you ever need

The "HEY MIRROR" smart furniture item combines a mirror and a display with IoT (Internet of Things) technology. It allows you to control smart homes, utilize different healthcare devices, check information, integrate data management, check the news and weather, and enjoy music, videos, etc.

The idea is that by connecting all of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices with a single "Hey Mirror," you can use them with ease. The AI voice recognition module allows for the natural management of desired functions and the quick review of data gathered by smart devices.

It is fitted with a 5.8GHz radar sensor module to identify the presence of a user's bathroom space, instead of an infrared proximity sensor that would only allow sensing at a short distance or from the front.

It is also easily controlled by touch and AI voice recognition. As a result, the mirror's LED lights, smart fans, and non-toxic LED405 sterilization light can all be automatically controlled.

The LED405 sterilizing light, which is safe for human-body contact, also comes on when no user is detected in the bathroom to keep the area clean. The Anion LED light comes on when a user is spotted and begins to remove airborne impurities for 24 hours.

9. Pontosense is an AI-powered human monitoring solution

The AI-powered sensor from Pontosense changes commonplace technologies to focus on the people who use it.

According to its creators, "wireless Intelligent Sensing drives the future of human-centric technology. ​By using RF sensing to capture the tiniest micromovements, we can understand how feelings are reflected in vitals, providing important health insights to users."


It works using RF sensors that send out mmWaves which are then reflected when they come into contact with objects in its path. Micromovements like breathing or heartbeats will then tend to generate different reflected signals that the AI algorithms analyze to derive critical biometrics.

The company claims its sensor is so sensitive that it can detect the tiny movements made by a sleeping child in a car seat, even through numerous layers of clothes and, more critically, through sunshades and blankets.

To distinguish between humans and objects, the sensor picks up very subtle micro-movements from people, such as breathing and heartbeat.

Pontosense can be used for various applications, from in-car driver and passenger monitoring to health monitoring and intelligent home management systems to help reduce energy consumption.

And that is your lot for today.

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