Best Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Using Science!

Trevor English

This the modern technological age, so almost everyone has a wi-fi router in their house. Just having a good internet service provider may not be all you need to get good internet, in fact where you have your router placed may be causing a lot of problems for how you connect your devices. While the internet and wi-fi still probably seems like magic to many, it's not, and there are ways to improve the transfer of signals between the router and all of your devices. Vox created a video that takes us through all of the different ways we can troubleshoot router problems, and increase our connectivity all around the house. Check out the video below, and hopefully, you can solve your wi-fi issues.

It's important to note that having a bad ISP or a bad router can be the cause of many issues, but improving what you have can make your internet experience so much better. Wi-Fi waves are basically like radio waves, but with a fairly short wavelength, around 12 cm. In general, one router can't broadcast wi-fi more than 150 feet away, and even that can be pushing it in some more confined housing environments. First, you need to place your router out in the open of your house so that the waves reach everywhere in the house effectively.

Next, you also need to make sure that the router is up off of the ground so the waves reach everything effectively and aren't hindered by reflection off of the ground. Lastly, keep your router away from electronic devices, and change the directions of your router's antennas. TVs and other electronic devices can interfere with the wi-fi's signal, which will cause you connectivity and speed issues. Alternating the direction of your antennas also allows the signal to be broadcast in all directions, creating better opportunities for mobile devices to connect.

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Hopefully after trying out those tips, you will have a better internet viewing experience, and you won't have to upgrade your speed or data. The internet may seem like a magical cloud of information, but improving your internet experience can be as simple as adjusting your router.

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