Beware, That 'Anti-5G' Necklace Might Actually Poison You

5G will probably not hurt you, but having these products anywhere around definitely will.
Loukia Papadopoulos

5G is rapidly overtaking other wireless technology networks and may very soon become the standard for cell phone coverage. But there has been a lot of backlash with protesters stating the technology might be harmful to human health.

This has resulted in a rise of anti-5G products that claim to protect against the supposedly harmful radiation. A lot of these products have been discovered to be scams and now a new report from BBC reveals they may actually be dangerous.

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS) issued a warning about ten products it found to be radioactive, and anti 5G necklaces were found to be one of them. The ANVS warned that these products could cause harm with long-term wear.

"Don't wear it any more, put it away safely and wait for the return instructions," the ANVS said in a statement.

"The sellers in the Netherlands known to the ANVS have been told that the sale is prohibited and must be stopped immediately, and that they must inform their customers about this."

For the most part, scientists claim that 5G is actually safe. The World Health Organization has stated that 5G mobile networks are not that different from existing 3G and 4G signals making them completely harmless.

Meanwhile, a study carried out by Oregon State University researchers focused on the side effects of 5G on embryonic zebrafish and found that there's little to no health impact on them, suggesting it would be the same for humans. 

It should be, however, noted that more than 215 scientists from 40 different countries have appealed to the United States Federal Communications Commission, asking the body to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying a 5G infrastructure. 

Still, worries about 5G should not push people into buying products that are completely useless, if not harmful. 

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