Jump the Bing AI chatbot queue with these sneaky tips and tricks

If you want to try out Microsoft Bing's new AI-enhanced version, you'll need to join a waiting list. But there are some ways to jump the queue.
Christopher McFadden
Photo illustration: OpenAI logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen with a Microsoft Bing logo in the background.
Photo illustration: OpenAI logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen with a Microsoft Bing logo in the background.

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In its gamble to get involved in the rising "Chatbot Wars," Microsoft revealed its AI-enhanced version of Bing last week. While nowhere as popular as Google's all-dominant search engine, Microsoft's upgraded Bing is getting attention as it can, allegedly, help users speed up research time, write stories, menus, emails, etc.

The new and improved Bing has come about through a collaboration between OpenAI (the developers behind the now famous Chatbot GPT) and Microsoft, which, many now claim, could threaten Google's existence.

However, unlike Chatbot GPT, the early adopters of the new Bing version will need to join a waiting list to try it out. But, according to sources like Mashable, there are some things you can do to jump on the waiting list.

You can join the list by going to this website, logging in with your Microsoft account, and clicking "Submit." After that, a button to "Get Faster Access" will appear.

And that, more or less, is it. However, you can improve your chances of being chosen sooner by following a few more steps.

These are as follows: -

  • Change your default browser to Edge (it runs on Windows and macOS, and Linux).
  • Set Bing as your primary search engine.
  • Make MSN the default page for your browser.
  • Pinning Bing.com to the taskbar.
  • Adding websites to Favorites that Microsoft recommends.
  • Make a shortcut for Microsoft Edge on your desktop.
  • Install the Bing app on your smartphone.

The process might be slightly different for MAC users, but you can try the Fast Access link instead. Also, if you usually use Firefox, you can set the alternate browser to the Bing plugin. Installing the mobile app on an iPhone is also an option for Apple customers.

The new AI conversation and text-generation features are also coming to the Edge web browser, which is accessible for Linux and macOS in addition to Windows if you've followed Microsoft's announcements. The Bing website and mobile app will also access the new AI technologies and be embedded into Edge.

Like Windows, an Edge Insider program allows users to preview new features that will be included in software updates in the future.

So, it seems there is no surefire way to jump the queue. However, if you follow Microsoft's instructions, you should be able to access the new search features more quickly.

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