BitLock is Bringing Keyless Entry to Your Bike

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The race to dominate the market for smart-phone controlled keyless door locks has intensified over the past year.

First there was the popular Lockitron that fits over deadbolt. Lockitron secured more than 14,000 orders during a 30-day crowd funding campaign run on their own website following the rejection from Kickstarter. After that came, August, a stylish smart lock that matches your furniture, designed by Yves Behar’s August design firm. And the Kevo lock from UniKey that appeared on Shark Tank TV show.

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An innovative startup in San Francisco bay area is now looking at smart locks from a different angle and this time it is not your house key. It’s your bike lock that is going keyless. The patent pending U-Lock called “BitLock” connects to your phone through Bluetooth low energy as you come in proximity of your bike. The lock offers a fluid user interface that is more convenient that using mechanical keys. To lock and unlock, you just have to simply press a button on BitLock. BitLock automatically identifies you and checks your permission under the hood. BitLock has a battery life of 5 years and is weatherproofed.

You may ask what if my phone battery dies. BitLock has a solution for that too. BitLock app can optionally generate a 16 digit binary code (a sequence of 1s and 0s) for you when you register the lock. Write down the code on a piece of paper, and keep it in your wallet.

In case your phone dies, simply pull out the paper and punch in the code onto BitLock to authenticate yourself and unlock/lock.

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The application on your phone allows you to share the access and location of the bike with anyone you wish. This feature helps small communities to setup their own local bike share system at a very low cost. The founder of Mesh Motion the startup behind BitLock says “we are working toward a peer-to-peer sharing platform that enables individuals and communities to setup a their own local bike share system. Our job is to provide them with tools, technology, and trusted user base to facilitate transactions through the system.”

Currently BitLock is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at a limited early-bird special price of $79.

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