Blade is world’s first 3D printed supercar and it’s green

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With more people taking care of the environment, green cars are becoming more popular and a California company has taken advantage of this fact along with the latest technology and designed Blade, the world’s first 3D printed supercar. The company designed their own technology for printing the prototype vehicle.


[Image Source: Divergent Microfactories]

The company recognised that there are many green and clean cars on the market. However making those cars is not very environmentally friendly. Divergent Micofactories want to change this and that’s why they designed Blade, a stylish supercar that shows that good looks don’t have to be sacrificed for green ethics.


[Image Source: Divergent Microfactories]

They are changing the way that cars are built and it will reduce the amount of materials along with energy used dramatically. The Blade prototype weighs around 90% less than the typical supercar; however it is sturdier and stronger than the traditional vehicle.

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[Image Source: Divergent Microfactories]

The vehicle has a 700hp bi-fuel engine that runs on gasoline or compressed natural gas and it can reach 60mph from standstill in 2 seconds. The Blade is going to be produced in a limited amount of numbers but there isn't a price tag linked to the vehicle yet. Divergent also plans on franchising their 3D printing technology to allow other microfactories to make their own versions of supercars.


[Image Source: Divergent Microfactories]

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