Bladeless Fan Cools Faster With Half the Energy, Disinfects Closed Spaces

A new vortex fan circulates and disinfects air in closed spaces and may help fight COVID-19.
Brad Bergan

A company has released a new kind of ceiling fan capable of cooling a room faster than ordinary fans for less energy — while also disinfecting closed spaces — and it's completely safe to touch, according to a recent promotional YouTube video.

Consumers will likely find a solution for maintaining clean air amid the COVID-19 coronavirus in this product.


Vortex Fan 360 Degree Blowage
The device blows air out in 360 degrees, sucking air up from below. Source: NTUsg / YouTube

Bladeless fan cools for less energy, disinfects rooms

Called Vortec, the new fan cools rooms at twice the speed of typical fans, at half the energy most fans require. Additionally, the new fan serves as an LED ceiling lamp, featuring a UV disinfecting function — killing bacteria and potentially reducing the risk of contracting airborne diseases in closed spaces, according to the YouTube video.

Vortex Fan Disinfectant
The UV-light is remote-controlled, and could help reduce airborne infectious particles. Source: NTUsg / YouTube

The novel vortex fan recycles air in a closed space via moving air out, around the walls and floor, and then finally sucks up air from below. The fan comes from Vortec, a spin-off company from the Singapore-based Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore).

Vortex Fan Circulation
The air in closed spaces is 'recycled' around the room, helping to sterilize close spaces. Source: NTUsg / YouTube

Vortex fan sterilizes air, safe to touch at full speed

The refreshed and increasingly sterilized air is then ejected in a 360-degree arc throughout the room.

Vortex Fan Safe to Touch
Since all moving parts are contained within, the fan is safe to touch even at full speed. Source: NTUsg / YouTube

As a vortex fan, the device has no exposed fans — which means it's completely safe to touch even at full speed.

While this fan isn't explicitly designed and hasn't officially received public designation as a COVID-19 countermeasure — it can't hurt to treat it like a step in the right direction. There are other devices with potentially greater effects on preventing contraction of the disease.

'COVID-19' precautionary industry is growing

In May, a self-disinfecting "electric" face mask was designed to generate an electric field to dismantle the coronavirus' capacity to infect human cells.

The study underlying the new face mask concluded that low-level exposure to an electric field-generating fabric may terminate coronaviruses.

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Since Spring 2020, nearly everyone has remained in isolation to slow the spread of the virus, practicing social distancing and wearing masks whenever the need to travel outside arises. But the threat of bringing air particles containing the COVID-19 coronavirus has left many worried about subsequent infection at home — where the air has nowhere to go but in one's lungs.

So it seems this vortex fan and other products like it are the first in a new generation of stop-gap measures to slow the spread of the COVID-19 illness long enough for a viable vaccine to hit the shelves of every city in the world.

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