New BladeRobots serve wind turbines ‘4 times faster’ than conventional methods

AI is used by the robotic solution to swiftly adapt to all types of blades used in the sector.
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BladeRobot on a wind turbine blade.
BladeRobot on a wind turbine blade.


Danish energy solutions provider Vestas has unveiled BladeRobots as a stand-alone business with an automated robotic technology solution for the maintenance of wind turbines.

The robot performs automated blade-leading edge maintenance up to “four times faster” than traditional manual methods, according to a press release by the company published on Wednesday. 

"Wind energy will play an increasingly central role in the global energy system, and it is key that we deliver optimal efficiency throughout the operational life of wind turbines,” said Johnny Thomsen, chairman of BladeRobots and former co-chief executive of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

"With BladeRobots’ automised robotic solution, the wind industry has a new effective and scalable solution to improve wind turbine performance."

In order to shorten the time to market and increase the scalability of the robot, the solution was initially created and incubated at Vestas and then spun off as a standalone business, according to the firm. 


New BladeRobots serve wind turbines ‘4 times faster’ than conventional methods
Danish energy startup unveils BladeRobot that serve wind turbines '4 times faster' than conventional methods.

For the blades of wind turbines, erosion is a huge problem. The blade surface ages gradually as a result of airborne small particles, ice, snow, and rain. 

It has an adverse effect on the turbine blade's aerodynamics over time by wearing off the outer layer of the blade. Over the course of the turbine's lifetime, less and less energy is produced as a result.

As a result, regular wind turbine blade maintenance is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of the blades and extending the life of the machines.

By restoring aerodynamic performance and decreasing turbine downtime, the unique robot method can raise the annual energy production of wind turbines. 

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Artificial intelligence is used by the robotic solution to swiftly adapt to all types of blades used in the sector.

This leads to a highly scalable, cost-effective solution with higher safety requirements for the participating specialists, stated the company. 

Created to maintain the blade's leading edge

A quicker and simpler process is made possible by laying the wireless robot horizontally on the blade. It will be able to complete every stage of the process in one go. When maintenance is accomplished, one can proceed by repeating the process for the following blade.

The BladeRobot was created to guarantee high-quality maintenance of the blade's leading edge on wind turbines, claims the firm.

The robot offers high turbine availability on multi-brand applications, safety and quality, and scalability. It is the next generation's most cutting-edge maintenance tool, reads the BladeRobots website. 

Skagen Blade Technology ApS, a Danish-based wind turbine service provider, has agreed to become a minority shareholder in BladeRobots, according to Renews, a website that provides news about the renewable energy industry.

Vestas Ventures, Vestas' corporate venture capital arm, will own a majority stake in the company.