Blue Origin Is Launching 6 More Tourists to Space This December

The age of space tourism is officially here.
Brad Bergan
A New Shepard rocket launch.Blue Origin

All who can pay can now line up for the ride of a lifetime.

Blue Origin is launching the next batch of tourists into space, according to a tweet from Jeff Bezos private aerospace firm. This will be the first time the Blue Origin vehicle will lift a full complement of six passengers aboard the reusable rocket.

Bound for space are Good Morning America's Laura Shepard Churchley, Managing Member of Dick Holdings Evan Dick, Voyager Space's CEO Dylan Taylor, and the first parent-child duo: Lane Bess (a father) and Cameron Bess (the daughter).

In case you missed it, the age of space tourism has officially begun.

Blue Origin's tickets to space could become less pricey

This upcoming launch is Blue Origin's third human spaceflight, and the third in a year. The last two launches lifted four people each, the first of which included Amazon and Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos. The second one, in October, saw "Star Trek" actor William Shatner, in addition to Medidata Co-Founder Glen de Vries, DCVC Partner Chris Boshuizen, and Audrey Powers from Blue Origin. Sadly, de Vries passed away when during an airplane incident weeks after he became an astronaut. But the pace of Blue Origin's launches is astounding, especially in light of its astronomically high ticket prices. But, by launching six people per flight, the firm will probably vastly increase its profit margins, which could (in theory) lead to more affordable seats on the space tourism system.

But make no mistake, space tourism is and will remain a high-end luxury. And, juxtaposed to the events most of the world has slogged through in the last several years, from a global pandemic to supply chain shortages, mass unemployment and a health care crisis, it's not hard to believe that a sub-orbital ride into space for a few minutes of weightlessness and unrivaled views of our entire planet is a high-priced rarity. We can only hope that every person who enjoys the view experiences something better than Jeff Bezos' "overview effect", and descend the steps of the landed capsule with something noble and humble in store for the rest of the human race.

This was a developing story and was regularly updated as new information became available.

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